Konkana Sen Sharma on her baby, upcoming movie ‘Iti Mrinalini’

Konkona Sen Sharma launches book on motherhood
Konkona Sen Sharma launches book on motherhood

June 13, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Talented actor Konkona Sen Sharma talks about her newborn baby and Ranvir Shorey as a father, her carrer and release of Aparna Sen Sen movie ‘Iti Mrinalini‘. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

How does it feel to be a new mom?

Life changes completely after you become a mother. While I didn’t have a baby, people used to tell me: dekhna life bilkul badal jayega. And I didn’t take them seriously. And then, it happened to me, I realized it’s something you have to experience personally…it’s a profound and wonderful change in your life, which I can’t describe in words.

What was the most difficult thing you faced during pregnancy?

When I was pregnant, I was told to be on bed rest for sometime. It was very difficult for me because I am not used to staying home and was badly wanting to go out. So, it was a challenge in itself.

Did the excitement of new motherhood bring you to launch a book on first-time mothers?

I had read a lot of books during my pregnancy. But most of them were targeted at an audience abroad…US or whatever. So, this created a void. There were people giving you lots of advice, recommended books and what to expect during pregnancy. But I had not read any Indian books on pregnancy. I wish I had read Mamma Mania while I was pregnant. But I read it soon after I delivered my baby boy (in March) and found it a very practical guide to all mothers, especially, first-time mothers. Shabia (Ravi Walia) has not crossed over anything…everything you need to know is there.

Who suggested Harun as the name of your child?

Harun was the only name we agreed on for our baby. Else, he (Ranvir Shorey) was not agreeing to what I suggested and vice-versa. Harun in Sanskrit means hope. Also, (Salman) Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a book that we both read and laughed. So my son’s name is inspired from that book…there Haroun is a 12-year-old boy adventurer. Again, Harun al-Rashid was a very famous king of Baghdad centuries ago. In the Old Testament, there’s a derivative of the name. So, actually it’s a panel of names.

How is Ranvir as a father?

Ranvir is very excited about the baby. He is such a good dad…he is changing diapers, putting Harun to sleep, burping him…he is really good at all that. Thank God, I am very lucky.

Will motherhood affect your career as an actor?

No, I don’t think my choice of films will change because I have a baby. Obviously, my child will always be in the back of my mind when I am out. It sounds funny for me to say this as motherhood is just sinking in. As long as I get interesting roles and interesting films, I will continue to do them.

What is taking so long for your film Iti Mrinalini to release in India?

It’s unfortunate that the film has still not released in India. But it’s very exciting that Iti Mrinalini won two awards at the New York Indian Film Festival this year. A small budget film is always so difficult to release, get money for publicity, etc. So, I am hoping that awards will generate certain interest in people about the film and they will want to watch it. The film will be released both in Hindi and Bengali….it’s about life of an actress.

– Sreya Basu

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