Wheels Car Rally 2011: Kolkata to host safe-driving rally

Kolkata, Feb 27 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): State Bank of India in association with Guide India Publication is set to organise Kolkata on Wheels Car Rally 2011, billed as India’s biggest educative car rally with a competitive bent.
As part of the rally on Sunday, Feb 27, 2011, a convoy of nearly 200 cars would traverse on the streets of Kolkata to spread the social message of ‘safe driving’, said the organisers.
The convoy of the participating cars would be led by a fleet of Kolkata Traffic Police Outriders.
The drive shall kick off from Town Hall on Esplanade Row (West) and traverse through Government Place West, RR Avenue, Red Road, Outram Road,  JL Nehru Road,  AJC Bose Road, Hospital Road, Khiddirpore Road, Red Road, Kingsway, Strand Road and culminate at Esplanade Row (West).
To add on to the fun element and make this whole event even more thrilling and exciting, after the convoy returns to Town Hall, the cars shall also participate in a specially designed “Car Treasure and Scavenger Hunt’.
The top five winners of which shall be selected on the basis of the maximum points scored. The winners will be awarded cash prizes and trophies.
Souvik Ghosh, the Convener of the Meet said, “In the year 2009, (the rally) with 172 participating cars proved to be a huge success. This year we hope to get support and participation from equally spirited and aware citizens.”
“The main objective of this event is to create awareness among the motorists of Kolkata…We hope that with educative car events like this we can accomplish the objective of making the city roads safer,” he added.

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