Kolkata restaurant organizes Cake Mixing ritual

Kolkata, Oct 15 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Christmas may be far away but on Friday evening, Kolkata got into the mood of festivity as a city restaurant organized a Cake Mixing ritual to add to the mood of festivity.

Celebrities like Purbayan Chatterjee, sitar maestro, Rahul Guha Roy, lead singer, Cassini’s Division, Chandrachur Mukherjee, fusion music composer, participated in the festival that was organized by Food Talk.

Food Talk commenced their Christmas preparations on Oct 14 with mixing of ingredients and soaking them for Christmas cake. Array of black currant, apricot, prunes, Sulthana, dry ginger, orange peel, cashew nuts, figs along with a variety of liquors were poured into trays as each of the ingredients perfectly mixed the entire assortment.

“Food Talk has presented the cake-mixing ritual since the last three years. The grand scale ocassion and the engagement of the celebrities, onlookers and chefs create sn electrifying atmosphere,” Rajiv Singh, GM South and East, Bluefoods said.

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