All new Mercedez-Benz C-Class in Kolkata

Mercedes Benz in KolkataKolkata, Sept 3 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Car enthusiasts in Kolkata have something to go gaga on with the launch of the new C-Class luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz on Friday.
This new C 200BE AVANTGRADE takes the Mercedes-Benz experience to an all new level with about 2000 spec changes that just made India’s most popular sedan much more faster, safer and comfortable while not compromising with the classic luxury and appeal and at the previous C-Class price tag, company execs said at the launch.
Mercedes-Benz India sales Director Debashis Mitra said, “The new C-Class, with its complete redesign both external and internal, will continue to set newer benchmarks in design, quality and luxury for the segment.”
“The luxury car segment is driven not by need, rather by desire to own something better and this car will offer features that no other car in this segment will be able to provide,” he said.
Some of the safety features include a parking assistance feature coupled with a passive safety system for those drivers that tend to sleep on the job apart from a slew of other feature under the Agility Control package like adaptive brakes, brake drying, hill start assists, fog lamps and Thermatic Cruise control.
“If you ever feel drowsy while driving back after a very tiring day this car will sense that and with the help of passive safety systems it will keep you awake,” Mitra said.
The New C-Class, that comes in both diesel and petrol variants, is touted as a car for the tech savvy with gadget friendly redesigned dashboard and an intelligent lighting system.
Mitra said, “India is now a place of young tech savvy people and so the new dashboard has been redesigned to appeal to their tastes.”
The car that is available in three colours, promises a package called blue efficiency that aims to improve the car’s performance in environment friendly ways making it one of the fastest cars on Indian roads.
This next gen offering comes with 200CGI technology for petrol variant costing Rs 29.8 lakhs and with a 250CDI technology for the diesel variant, priced tentatively at Rs 32.8 lakhs.
Mitra hinted at upcoming proceedings with one sports car and two sedans being launched in few days.
“We are looking at three more launches in the coming few days to take advantage of the national festive season coming up,” he remarked.
Upon query Mitra revealed their new market strategy of breaking free of the company’s conventional norms.
“Till now customers came to us but now we want to reach the customer. So we have already started a one of a kind store at the Airport lounge,” he said
Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty; Photos by Avishek MItra/IBNS

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