Kolkata eatery launches ‘Oriental Fruit Festival’

Kolkata, June 13 (IBNS): Popular Kolkata eatery ‘The Wall’ launched ‘Oriental Fruit Festival’, which includes few special dessert items, on Wednesday.

‘Oriental Fruit Festival’ will start from June 15 June and will continue till July 4.

Chef Sushanta Sengupta said: “The fruits from the Orient have always been known extremely popular across the world not only for their exquisite taste, but also for their healthy medicinal properties.”

“The Asian summer is humid and makes us lose a lot of water from the body. It is best to incorporate a lot of fruits in our diet at this time since fruits help us to gain the lost water in our body and rejuvenates our mind and soul.”

The chef said since it is the summer season people will prefer to have light desserts.


The desserts which will be available include ‘Almond and Assorted Fruit Float’, ‘Coconut Sorbet with Mango Sauce’, ‘Jellied Mango Pudding’ and ‘Mango and Lime Fool’. 

Few of these are oriental delicacies from China and Malaysia.

Members of Bengali rock band ‘Lakkhichhara’ were also present at the event.

(Reporting by Shreejata Niyogi)

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