Kolkata Books: Jogen Chowdhury releases “Romance on Facebook”

 (IBNS): Those who are always glued to the popular social networking site “Facebook” can now discover a slice of their own life while reading the novel “Romance on Facebook” penned by Amrita Priya.

Oxford Bookstore and Jaico Publishing House in Kolkata on Friday hosted the release of the book by noted painter Jogen Chowdhury.

 “Romance on Facebook” is a romantic fiction about two childhood beloveds Geetanjali and Siddhartha from Cuttack, who rediscover each other on a social networking site after a gap of 19 years.

Speaking about the book, Amrita said: “It’s a book based on Facebook. Facebook has become a good medium to contact people with whom you have lost contact. Because of this people are getting closer.”

Amrita, who is a passionate writer, said: “I have put a lot of messages which will keep the readers engaging.”

Praising her writing, Jogen Chowdhury said: “I think she is the first one to write a novel on such a subject. Her writing is very smart.”

Commenting on the advancement of technology, he said: “What I feel is, as time is changing technology is also changing in a major way. People may be sitting far away but still they can interact through these social networking sites.”

“They are secluded but still can make conversation and what they are writing no one can see. A secret conversation. And I think these advancement of technologies are inspiring the writers,” he added.

The book illuminates an important facet of the modern society where people come close through.

The author has portrayed the old teenage spark which continues over chats, messages and beyond it.

When asked to the author if she is planning  a sequel to this book, she said: “Some people have asked me to do but considering the Indian mindset I may not continue as it may encourage infidelity.”

(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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