Koel Mullick: Top Bengali Film actress reveals better than size zero secret

Koel Mullick Portrait
Koel Mullick Portrait

Kolkata, Sept 11 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Popular Tollywood (Bengali Film) actress Koel Mullick has made it to the top with her next-door-girl looks, which she finds ‘much better than size zero’.

Ask her if she stays 100km away from chocs and ice to fit into a 20-inch waistline jeans, the heartthrob of Bengali film-lovers will keep giggling till she has tears in her eyes.

“I forget the entire world if I see biryani and kachauri on the table. I love attending weddings just for food! We have only one life. How long can you thrive on boiled vegetables?” says Koel.

“But of course, if I gorge on food one day, I balance it the next day to maintain my figure….can’t forget I am in show business. Also, balanced lifestyle is very important for everyone,” she adds.

Another thing, Koel can’t do without is ‘sleeping’.

I love sleeping….as it is, every human being needs to sleep at least six to eight hours a day. But, we actors hardly get adequate sleep. So, I try to fall asleep whenever I get a chance…even if for 5 minutes,” she says.

“Sleep is the best refreshment for me. I don’t feel so good even after work outs as I do after a sound sleep.”

Unlike other actors who spend hours at the gym, Koel says 10-15 minutes of free-hand exercise is good enough for her.

My fitness routine is very simple. It’s not possible for me to do one-hour cardio or spend 30-minutes on treadmill everyday. I do free-hand exercises…that’s over in 10-15 minutes. Also, I can do them anywhere, even inside make-up rooms in-between shots,” says Koel.

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