Koel Mullick and Abir Chatterjee at the STAR JALSA talks about PREM BY Chance

September 24, 2010, KOLKATA (Calcutta Tube): Abir Chatterjee and Koel Mullick become friends during the shoot of Prem By Chance. Listen to Koel Mullick and Abir Chatterjee talking to the director combo – Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy online.

Prem By Chance: bengali Movie
Prem By Chance: bengali Movie

“The scrpt of the film is excellent. It is not justa sweet love story, neither it is a imotional drama.” Says Koel Mullick. Abir is playing the character RAJU in Prem By Chance. Koel said that real Abir Chatterjee has no similarity with the RAJU in the film.

Koel Mullick is playing the character PURNA in Prem By Chance. Abir Chatterjee

Director Abhijit Guha said that he has learn a lot from Koel Mullick during the shooting. The director duo shared stories about crazy fans of Koel shouting for her.

“I completely forget that I am working on a film during the shoot. I totally concentrate on acting” says Koel Mullick. Koel added that she also loved working with DEV. “DEV is very clear about the scenes.” adds Koel.

“I was little bit of tensed to work with Koel Mullick at first. She is such a big acress, not by age, but by experience” says Abir Chatterjee during an interview with the director on STAR JALSA.

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