Knock Out (2010) Music Review: Vishal Dadlani, Rahat Fate Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, KK and Krishna

October 3, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): KNOCK OUT Hindi Film music CD is now out in the market. Knock Out is a fast paced thriller that happens in real time. In just two hours 11am to 1pm an enigmatic vigilante pulls off an incredible, mind blowing coup and a new chapter of Indian history is written. Sanjay Dutt plays a new age lone ranger who has the latest weapons.

  • Film: ‘Knock Out’;
  • Music Director: Gourov Dasgupta;
  • Lyricists: Vishal Dadlani, Panchhi Jalonvi and Shellee;
  • Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Rahat Fate Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, KK and Krishna;
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Although the music of ‘Knock Out’, starring Sanjay Dutt and Kangana Ranaut, is not one of the best we have heard in the recent past, one song stands out -‘Khushnuma se ye‘ composed by Gourav Dasgupta.

The film, slated to hit screens Oct 15, boasts of six tracks.

The album starts with the title track of the film crooned by another composer-cum-singer Vishal Dadlani. Taking a complete Western approach, the song is high on rock and hip-hop influences with over-the-top music and an upbeat mood. This one is making the rounds of television channels and radio stations and is being liked by listeners.

The soundtrack then takes a totally different approach, and brings on Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing ‘Khushnuma se ye roshan’ in his soul-stirring voice. The track is the best song of the album.

Listen to Khushnuma Se Ye Rosha Online


Another version of the same song comes in Krishna’s voice. This one is a more poignant track and is also quite appealing and interesting.

Then comes Sunidhi Chauhan with ‘Jab jab dil mile’, a fast-paced track. The composer has tried to pack in a lot of energy in the song with Sunidhi’s powerful vocals and a strong orchestra, but it sounds very ordinary and fails to generate interest.

The album offers another love track in ‘Tum hi mere hum nava’, crooned by KK. A sudden increase in tempo does work for the song, but overall it is nothing extraordinary. It leaves one with a heard-before feeling and the soft song does nothing great for the album.

Finally, Sunidhi Chauhan makes an entry again with an out-and-out item number ‘Gangu bai pe aayi jawani’. Although the singer has crooned many hit item songs like ‘Mast mahaul mein jeene de’ and ‘Beedi’ among others, somehow she fails to spin her magic with this one. A complete masses song, this fast-paced track is quite below average.

On the whole, the album offers nothing out of the box for listeners. It’s a passable score and doesn’t have the potential to be a chartbuster.

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