Khyati Seth on photography (Interview)

khyati shethSept 17, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Ace lensman Jayesh Sheth’s daughter may be new to the industry, but Khyati Sheth is already making news for her romance with the camera. IBNS correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with her for a chit chat

When and how did you begin with photography? 

Well i alwayz had a passion for photography. It was after I completed my graduation, I went to U.S as a Cruise Photographer…I was there for 8 months. While cruising I travelled all over the world and my interest in photography suddenly psyched my mind i got inclined to it …that’s when I decided that I want to pursue it as my profession…and then I came back to India and started with it.
Did you take any professional training before getting into photography? 
My ideology is that creativity cannot be learnt it has to be in your mind. I was confident enough that I had the potential to make my mark and so I thought why kill the originality by doing something a never felt the need of formal training.

Do your father (eminent photographer Jayesh Sheth) help you with tips on photography?

Yes of course. Like every father does; even he is very optimistic about my career he guides me through all the perspectives of photography in which I am unclear, he is undoubtedly the most amazing teacher one can have I aspire to be like him some day.

We don’t find too many female fashion photographers in India. What according to you, is the reason for this?

Basically it’s a male dominated field I suppose; there is less exposure to females in this field because of stereotype thinking but gradually the scenario is changing and today I feel that slowly and steadily the number is increasing on a positive note there are many female photographers coming up with innovative ideas. What they need is just support from the masses and soon this industry will be equally ruled by females.

Do you do only fashion photography or wish to click Bollywood celebs too?

As of now I am open to all the streams that come to it Bollywood or fashion, I would love to explore both of them. I am in a stage where I can learn from my mistakes so I don’t fear experimenting.

Who was the first celeb you clicked?

It’s just been 4 months that I have been here so you won’t get a list as such hehehe. Very soon, fingers crossed, I might be on the top….

One face that you always wanted to capture in your camera…
Amitabh Bachchan.

Top five photogenic faces in Bollywood and fashion world according to you…
According to me it has to be Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Sheetal Mallar, John Abraham & Arjun Rampal.

Do you have a pre-decided theme in mind before going forward with a photo shoot? 

Yes somewhere in my mind that process is on-going, but I dont stick to that. I may modify it according to the moods; the theme just gives us an idea of how to flow of the pictures will be, it is not something that is mandatory to follow.

What is that one important characteristic that a photographer should have? 
One of the most significant characteristic of a photgrapher is that he/she must have a Creative Eye & ability to capture people in a way that is natural yet stylish. A good imagination is required in a way that every picture tells you a story.
Who is the most comfortable to shoot with?

Right now, to be frank, I am still comforting myself to this new world. So no person, according to me, is like uncomfortable as such …I believe that a photographer must be comfortable with his camera and everything falls into place.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
WWOO that is a tricky one ..I see myself as a successful person, having a brand name of myself. Apart form that, I would wish to see myself as one of the TOP photographers in the league.

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