Khola Chithi-Music Preview from Jodi Ekdin (Life is Magic)

Calcutta Tube (May 31): Bengali Film Jodi Ekdin/Life Is Magic (2010) will soon be available for online purchase on June 29th, 2010. Teaser from the sound track Khola Chithi by Shreya Ghoshal is now released on Youtube.Com. Lyrics by Anindya Chattopadhyay and Chandril Bhattacharya. Music By Joy Sarkar. All the sound tracks are fantastic. Visit DATABAZAAR MEDIA VENTURES official movie release page for more upcoming Bengali Film release information and much more.

Jodi Ekdin 2010 Bengali Movie by Riingo Banerjee
Jodi Ekdin 2010 Bengali Movie by Riingo Banerjee


Neil Basu & Nikita Choudhury lives together in a posh apartment in Kolkata. Nikita has left her blooming career as a jingle singer in Mumbai and come down to live with Neil here, because Neil got transferred to Kolkata. Neil is an upcoming ad guy, who has been preparing for a very big presentation for about the last 8 months, which shall make him, the vice president of his company. Life has been trudging along, but somewhere Neil and Nikita’s love story has blurred into Neil’s busy schedule.

Nikita strives to keep in pace, but she never complains about her loneliness to Neil. On a particular day, Neil has an important presentation in the morning while Nikita has an important recording in the evening. Neil remembers his boss’s wife’s birthday but forgets to wish Nikita for her recording. It so happened that Neil fails to qualify and Nikita on the other hand excels. From this point the relationship takes a turn and Nikita decides to move on leaving behind Neil and their sweet home because of Neil’s indifferent attitude towards her.

The story continues where we will see that both of them finally realize each other’s importance in their respective life. The story again takes a turn which changes the entire canvas.

US & CANADA RELEASE DATE : 29th June 2010

Listen to Khola Chithi Online

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