Kheyali Dastidar launches debut novel

(IBNS): Eminent Bengali actor Kheyali Dastidar unveiled her debut novel “Saanjher Aalo” at Starmark bookstore in Kolkata on Wednesday.
The novel was launched by renowned litterateur Sunil Gangopadhyay in the presence of several film personalities Sabyasachi, Gaurav, Ridhima, Devdut and Kaushik  to name a few.
The book ‘Saanjher Aalo’ narrates the story of Suhasini, an immensely popular and gifted writer and a novelist. But her complex marital and love life witness the entry and exists of many men leading to various complications.
Speaking about the novel, Kheyali said: “It tells about the journey of a woman. The book has been inspired by life. The novel contains emotion, expression, love, feelings that a person faces at various stages of life.”
“While writing the book I discovered that everything starting from the plot to the characters all are the birth of my thoughts. So, here everything was under my control. And it gives immense happiness to give birth to a new creation,” she added.
Commenting on her writing, Gangopadhyay said: “We are always in search of people who really write well and knows how to play with words. She is one of them.”
“We would like her to take the Bengali literature forward,” he said.
“We always new she is a good writer so this is no surprise for us,” Sabyasachi said about his cousin (Kheyali).
The proud brother further added that earlier he has acted on Kheyali’s writings.
(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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