Khela (2008): Prasenjit-Manisha Koirala Releasing Soon

Khela (2008): Prasenjit-Manisha Koirala Releasing Soon
Direction: Rituparno Ghosh
Releasing on: June 28 th in Calcutta
Casts: Prasenjit Chatterjee, Monisha Koirala, Raima Sen, Shankar Chakrabarty, Akashneel Dutta Mukherjee and more.
Produced by: Sa Re Ga Ma Films (producer of Badadin)
Khela - by Sa Re Ga Ma
Khela - by Sa Re Ga Ma
khela - Bengali Film by Rituparno

Khela — The Game! Storyline is based on a busy film maker and his personal life. Prasenjit is very busy in making various flms and he could not manage any time for his wife Monisha Koirala. Monisha wants a baby to overcome her boredom. But her husband does not permit. Things started to change when Prasenjit started making film with a child actor.

Raja (Prasenjit) was a idealistic film maker who never compromised anything for his work. He found out that he needs a child actor to a particular part of the film. One day he found a boy buying foods in the street. Prasenjit determines he needs that boy in his film. He talked to the parents of the child to act in his film. The poor parents did not allow. However, the little boy wanted to do the film. So, they ran away together. Now, the police is after them.

Well, looks like it would be sort of a thriller movie and we all know how good “Rituparno Ghosh” is directing films. The film has been stuck for 3 years and could not release for various reasons. Prasenjit said that it is a very “different” Rituparno Movie. Lets wait for few weeks now!
Please write a review or rate the film out of 5! Please after you watch it ofcourse!

21 thoughts on “Khela (2008): Prasenjit-Manisha Koirala Releasing Soon

  1. The storyline you have written is wrong..The little boy is not a beggar. He is from a well established family..he was eating fuchka along with friend. That time Prasenjit, the director of the film found him..But his parents was not ready to give him for acting..The poor condition of the boy is not at all correct.You can cross check it

  2. Well Aruna,
    the SAREGAMA films website said that Prasenjit met with a “Street Boy”. I assumed they are referring about a poor fellow. I may be wrong. I have not watched the movie.

    here is the official description of the movie:
    Khela, The Game, is the story of the making of a film that turned into something else altogether. Raja, played by Prosenjit, the idealistic filmmaker is determined not to compromise on his art. He has a new project on hand, the translation of Nalak, a classic Bengali text, into celluloid.

    Raja is convinced that the film could be perfect if he had the right boy to play the part. The innocent face of a boy, buying street food, suddenly catches his eye. The child’s parents are reluctant to let to their son Abhirup go. Abhirup, on the other hand, wants to be in films, Abhirup and Raja impulsively decide to run away together to make the film. Abhirup’s parents set the police on Raja’s trail.

  3. Well Aruna, thank you very much for paying such a close attention. Have you read the storyline in timesofindia? I guess I need to see the film now.

  4. Upps. Looks like you are very keen observer. Fixed that again. Are you somehow related to bengali film industry? I wonder!

  5. Well…
    You must live in Calcutta then. You have more resources that I do. I struggle to get information about movies and reviews! I call friends even to check pages in Anandabazar!

  6. Please can you give me the name of a site where I can download the songs of Khela. Am hearing its a different kind of music altogether, and songs in a Rituparno film is quite unexpected. Plz.

  7. Hi,
    I stay in Bangalore.
    Can anyone tell me is Khela going to release in any multiplexes in Bangalore?

    I want to see.

    I have seen all rituparno’s movie which was screened in bangalore..

    Give me the infornation pls…

  8. The strong story line and robust script was an edge of the seat experience!.

    The misnomer of rearing a child by a person immersed in art flew out of the window with actual encounter with someone else’s – lesson for those who jumps into conclusion without weighing facts and experiance

    Rituporno’s Satyajit Ray like details – the school bag and bottle hangning in the hotel room – the accresses’ changing earrings showing an ultra modern woman are only to name a few.

    Frankly, my wife and me both ardent bengalis and my son who happens to be on vacation, were bowled over by the performance of the young boy and Prasanjit! My 20 year old 20 year modern Indian’s positive reaction was notable as we discussed the film at the breakfast table.

    We need to see such work from inspired directors and producers providing such platforms!


  10. hi,.ritu da

    tumi kamon acho………….

    tor film ta dekhlam…………kub bhalo laglo…….spl. gan gulo………stti darun……..

    erokom aro onek bhalo bhalo film amader upohar dio………

    bhalo theko

  11. khela cinema ta no doubt samasamayik bangala film gulir theke jathesto alada kintu ending ta amar thikthak lageni……tobe cinemar gaan guli kintu asadharan!!!keu ki emon kono website er naam bolte parben jekhan theke full song guli pabo?????pls can ny1 give me some info bout dis?????

  12. Several positive comments have been made earlier.

    I agree with those, but still ei movie ta boddo predictable aar ‘typical’. Here’s why-

    1) Prosenjit gets separated from Monisha, and then goes back to her. Monisha like a ‘typical’ Asian married woman accepts him back to her life. This is so very predictable.

    2) Prosenjit gets rude with Raima and she cries- isn’t that like the 1950s? I thought her character was a ‘liberated’ woman.

    3) Raima being the only woman in the gang, takes care of the child. Why can’t any man from the crew take this role?

    4) The dad of the kid is another ‘typical’ character- he sits on the couch and asks his wife to ‘get a piece of paper’– the assumption is ‘I earn the money, so you do the physical work at home’.

    Granted that ‘predictability’ is not always a ‘charm killer’, but I would have expected Rituporno to break the mold. The movie would have been an equally good one even without these stereotypical subtleties.

  13. I want to download “Palachhey” song from Khela..Plz help with relevant link(s) for being able to download the same.

  14. Bumba Da is really a great hero. Uttam Kumar er poreo je amra ei rakam ek jon actor pabo eta sotti bhaba jai na. Uttam kumar er por theke bumba dar jonyai aj tollywood ei jai gai eseche. Noi to toolywood bole kichu thakto na. Ritu da keo thanks ei rakam ek ta cinema upohar deoar jonya. Ami chai ritu da ei rakam e sundor sundor cinema amader upohar dik.

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