Kavi Shastri and Shruti Seth TV Serial hit the floor


YRF’s new show ‘Rishta.Com’’s actors and crew have fun while shooting and they are jolly good fellows who pull each others leg literally. Actors Kavi aka Rohan and Shruti aka Isha had a funny incident on sets while shooting even though they hurt themselves a bit.

Handsome dude Kavi shares an incident “Once I and Shruti had a running scene and there was oil on floor but nobody from the crew told us. I stepped on the oil and flew in air to land badly on the floor.” Poor Kavi hurt himself a bit but did surely provide a laughter dose to the crew around.

“Not just me but even Shruti fell down. Initially she just slipped but then if I was to fall then she won’t be spared too so I pulled her down with me and eventually we both landed with our asses on the floor” laughs Kavi. So, the leads just do not act together but even fall together. “Our crew is also funny as instead of helping us to get up from the floor our cameraman was busy shooting the incident” adds Kavi.

The new actor on the small screen seems to be having fun while shooting for the interesting show ‘Rishta.com’ and the incident only tells us that the road to success is not easy but ‘Oily’.

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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