Katrina Kaif reconsidering Abbas Mustan’s remake of ‘The Italian Job’


Feb 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Katrina Kaif is reconsidering taking on Abbas Mustan’s remake of ‘The Italian Job’. This is because her role is apparently rather unimportant.

Katrina is having second thoughts about the film since she read the script, even though she readily agreed at first. According to sources, since she started giving hits, she has become picky about her roles and won’t sign on anything just because it has big names. She also doesn’t want to sign on the film because she believes her role has no scope.

She was keen on doing the film at first because it starred Saif Ali Khan. But she lost interest in the film as soon as Saif left it. This is not the first film she has turned down. In fact, in recent months, it’s the third film she has refused after agreeing to be a part of it initially, the other two being Sanjay Gadhvi’s ‘7 Days In Paris’ and Anees Bazmee’s ‘Thank You’. However, she may agree to be a part of ‘The Italian Job’ if the necessary changes in the script are made.

-Sampurn Wire

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