Katrina Kaif on Rajneeti, dubbing, future projects, more-Interview

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif about her upcoming Hindi movie Raajneeti and its dubbing, her future projects and more. Read the interview of the Hindi movie actress at CalcuttaTube.

April 27, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif about her upcoming Hindi movie Raajneeti and its dubbing, her future projects and more. Read the interview of the Hindi movie actress at CalcuttaTube.

Kat surely has proved her acting caliber on the silver screen. From her first film Boom to Rajneeti She has experimented with her look, performances and above all she has improved dancing as well as her speech skills too. Undoubtedly, the directors and the producers have broken the myth that she is just a glam doll. The credit nonetheless goes to Prakash Jha for his film Rajneeti in which Kats has taken the trouble of dubbing the dialogues in pure Hindi.

A heart to heart rendezvous follows with Lipika Varma from Sampurn Media

So how was it working with Prakash Jha who believes in hard hitting subjects with purely Hindi dialogues?

Yes! It was not difficult for me I can mug up ten pages at a stretch. I have an accent problem but I’ve tried to manage it well. In fact, when I sat down to surf some of the real characters from the political arena; I thought that in the quest of getting into some real political character, I was going wrong. Hence I decided to follow my reel character only. As a modern contemporary youth, I have tried to get the body language of Priyanka Gandhi. But by no means can you compare my reel character to any living political characters. You guys are just comparing me to Sonia Gandhi because I too belong to an English mother, with fair skin and black hair which is not really so.” Quips Katrina.

You came into this industry fresh, who do you give credit to as your ‘Godfather’?

Ya! I am not one belonging to the Bollywood industry. Everyone has a God Father. I have not one but many Godfathers who may have helped me attain the kind of success I have achieved in this short span of my career. Salman and Akshay Kumar have definitely helped me get to the horizon. I would also credit the blessings showered upon me by the almighty God which is why I have been able to achieve success.

It’s the survival of the fittest. And you are on the top of the female lead stars. How do you feel about it?

I feel good to be topping the list. If this comparison brings me on the top of the list why will I not like ranking. Human tendency is such that we love to be number one. Why will I not like the number game? But there ought to be a fair competition. We need not pursue wrong ways to just boost up our career. Our work needs to speak more than our action/words. If you say I’m topping the list in the number one game then I really feel elated.

Is it true that you are essaying Madhubala’s character in the biopic on Kishore Kumar?

I am open to doing good films. Being in the profession I need to know the script, if it is going to work or not. Yes! I do discuss it with my close people but the final decision rests with me. I am in the process of sorting out the details with UTV Productions. Nothing has been finalized as yet. I feel the media is in a bit of a hurry to publish news even before confirming it, which was not the case earlier.

What profession would you have pursued if you weren’t a part of the Bollywood industry?

I have always been a day dreamer. Probably because I had a sense of insecurity as we have been wanderers. We never were stationed in one place. I always loved to be a fire-fighter also performing stunts would always fancy me. I love to live in a castle built world.

You seem to be very excited about working with Hrithik, is it true?

Yes! I’m very excited about working with Hrithik tentatively in a movie titled Zindagi Mile Na Dobara. This film is surely going to be a path-breaking and a youthful film. I am sure it will be a brilliant film. My role is that of a free spirited girl. I’m really looking forward to work with Hrithik Roshan. Although it is a difficult character but I will surely be able to perform to the best of my ability.

How do you manage to stay in such a great shape?

I hate doing regular gym. I feel good exercise twice or thrice a week only. I remember how my trainer of Tees Maar Khan made me do rigorous exercises. But now I just tell him to schedule it only twice a week. I believe in maintaining a proper diet. I maintain myself by following the right kind of lifestyle.

— Lipika Varma / Sampurn Wire

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