Katrina Kaif-I am not Hot and Sexy: Exclusive Interveiw

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says that she is not used to winning.

February 18, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says that she is not used to winning.

Bollywood’s very own Barbie girl Katrina Kaif is on a success trail, as she bags a nomination in the prestigious Filmfare Awards for her role in ‘New York’.  At a press conference to announce the Filmfare awards this year, she says that Filmfare should introduce a new category of award for actors like Salman and her who have never ever got any award for acting.

As an actress, what is your take on awards?

Honestly I think every actor who is a part of Bollywood wants to win. As far as I am concerned, I would say that I am not used to winning awards for the Best Actress, though I have put in as many as six years in the film industry ever since I had made my debut with Kaizad Gustad’s ‘Boom’. All that I would say is I am happy even when I am nominated for the award. I cannot complain, because I have won rewards at the box office with my films clicking in a big way consecutively in the last few years.

You have to your credit quiet a few hit numbers as an actress. To what extent do you think you deserve the credit for a hit number, like say ‘Kiss Me’ in the film ‘Race’?

I do not like controversies though fortunately or unfortunately, controversy has become my middle name in the industry, whether I want it or not. I agree to dance to a number only after I listen to it and I am convinced that it is catchy, foot -tapping and easy to the ear. Hence the entire credit for making the song a hit ought to go not to me who just performs to the number, but to the lyricist and the composer.

Do you agree that you are hot and sexy?

Personally I do not think that I am hot and sexy. I try not to disappoint the audiences who come to watch me in my film. To click in Bollywood, besides the fact that you have to have talent in an abundant measure, you should also have your own appeal. You should have something special. Every actress has her own plus point to woo the audiences.

Katrina Kaif -Birthday

What according to you is your plus point as an actress?

If Vidya Balan is known for her ethnic roles, I am known for my fun roles. Each of us has our own place in the sun as far as Bollywood is concerned and we are not at all competing with one another.

Who do you think deserves the award besides you this year?

Though I have been nominated for the Best Actress award by Filmfare this year, I do not say that I alone deserve the award. If you were to ask me who I would nominate for the Best Actress Award besides me, I’d say that Priyanka Chopra deserves it for her performance in ‘Kaminey’. I’d also pick on Vidya Balan for her performance in ‘Paa’.

What do you think is responsible for bagging an award for acting- Talent or luck?

Salman Khan has never won the Best Actor award though he has been acting for the last 21 years in Bollywood. It does not mean that he is a bad actor. It is just that he has not been lucky to have bagged the award. If he deserves the award, come what may he will get it. If I deserve it, I’d get the award for my performance in Kabir Khan’s ‘New York’. Even if I do not get it, I’d be happy because at least I was considered good enough as an actor to be nominated for the Filmfare award which is very prestigious.

One personal question… Now that Salman has declared what he feels for you, would you also express what you think of him?

Look here. Salman is very senior. I will continue to retain my stance that I am not comfortable talking about my personal life. Period.

Do you think you are lucky as an actress?

Though I do not think I am lucky as far as bagging awards are concerned, I feel that I am blessed, as an actress. Not only do I get good roles, but most of my films are also successful at the box office. What more could I have asked for?

What did you think of Zarine Khan who has made her debut with Veer?

I have just seen the second half of ‘Veer’. I enjoyed watching it. I should say that Zarine was supremely confident about herself in the film, though I used to fumble initially when I used to face the camera in the early stage of my career.

Which are the actors with whom you’d love to work with, besides Salman Khan?

Any actress would love to work with superstars like Aamir Khan or for that matter Shah Rukh Khan. The trouble is that I have not been approached to work with them till date, though I would love to act with both of them.

What kind of films do you want to have in your kitty, as an actress?

I am keen on being a part of romantic comedies like say ‘When Harry Meets Sally’.

Besides awards, are you complacent as an actress with whatever you have achieved till date?

I will steal a quote of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who had gone on record that he always likes to be seated behind, since only then will he be able to have the goal to go in front.

-Jyothi Venkatesh/ Sampurn Media

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