Kareena to miss sister Karisma’s birthday

Mumbai, June 19 (Calcutta Tube) Kareena has always tried to be with Karisma for her birthday. But it seems unlikely that the busy actress would be able to join her elder sister on June 25 this year.

Kareena will be busy shooting for Saif Ali Khan’s film ‘Agent Vinod’ in Morocco. And she rules out the possibility of Karisma flying down to Morocco.

‘How can my sister fly down to Morocco? No, she’ll be in Mumbai with her baby. She has a baby boy who’s not even four months old. She can’t leave the city,’ said Kareena.

The actress is, however, pragmatic about missing Karisma’s birthday.

‘How can I be in Mumbai? I’ll be shooting in Tangiers in Morocco on my sister’s birthday. Work always comes first in our family. So there would be no birthday plans with my sister this year.’

The over-worked sister says she won’t even have time to buy anything for Karisma this year. ‘There’s no time to breathe. Forget buying anything. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going,’ sighed Kareena.

In recent years, Kareena has quite often gone to join Karisma in Delhi when the elder sister was staying in the capital with her husband.

But this time Kareena is trying to focus on Saif’s project. ‘I love the title ‘Agent Vinod’. It’s the coolest. We’ve already started shooting for it. We leave for Tangiers in Morocco on June 22 for 20 days.’

But apparently Saif seems more concerned about missing Karisma’s birthday.

‘Saif gets along like a house on fire with Karisma and her husband Sanjay. The two guys often share a lot of outdoor fun activities together. Saif doesn’t want that he and Kareena should miss her sister’s birthday this year,’ said a source close to the actor.

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