Kareena Kapoor at The Great Indian Wedding Carnival

Kareena KapoorApril 11, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is talking about weddings. Don’t overthink. It’s just that she was recently seen launching Gitanjali’s mega shopping festival for jewellery-The Great Indian Wedding Carnival-in Mumbai. The actor in conversation with Sreya Basu. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

What brings you to launch a wedding jewellery carnival?

It’s every woman’s dream to be a beautiful bride. An Indian woman wants to look most beautiful on her wedding day…with diamonds, jewellery…that refine her and define her…that make her really special. I am really happy that Gitanjali has started this Great Indian Shopping Carnival. It is one of the leading jewellery brands of our country.

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Have you too picked some pieces for your wedding?

I think every little girl collects little little pieces of jewellery for the Big Day. As for me and Karisma (elder sister), we had always dreamt of diamonds, the special sets, the perfect jewellery that we would were on the special day.

Is there a jewelery piece that you wanted to have, but didn’t get?

My mother (Babita) has always given me all her old jewellery that she got when she was an actress. She had a beautiful set with a lot of emeralds and rubies. But I think she has given that to Karisma. She hasn’t yet given it to me. She thinks I am not quite responsible right now because I am working so much. And she doesn’t have the mindset that I will be able to keep her things safe. (Smiles)

What is one thing that is a must on a wedding day?

Wedding is one of the most important things in life of course. For the bride, it’s the kind of clothes, jewellery she wears; also, the band bajaa, music, food…everything…it’s like a big, fat Indian wedding. So, it’s very important to do double yoga for the people who are attending the wedding, as well as the couple involved. Else, the food and the drinks will no longer leave us size-zero. (Laughs)

What is the one jewellery that you can’t do without on your wedding day?

Every girl thinks differently on the kind of outfit and jewellery she will wear on her wedding. If I am to speak for myself, diamonds are my best friends. Besides, wearing diamonds is my family tradition. I would love to wear a beautiful diamond necklace on my wedding. Also, I like bangles a lot. So, I won’t mind nice gold-and-diamond bangles also with the necklace.

When are you going to get that necklace?

Well, I haven’t really planned anything right now. But as I said, since childhood I dreamt of wearing a beautiful diamond necklace whenever I get married. Now that I endorse Gitanjali, I hope I will get a free diamond necklace.

Well, let’s ask it straight. When are you getting married?

That’s the only question you people always want to know…that’s scary now. But trust me, when I decide something, the press definitely will know. Of course, I always dream to be a bride and I will be a bride soon. But again, as I said, when I am willing and I decide to, the press will be the first to know.

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