Karan Johar spends moolah on American accent class!

Not only has Shahrukh Khan worked hard for ‘My Name is Khan’. His onscreen son in the film, Arjan Aujla has had to undergo training to speak with an American accent. And producer Karan Johar had to pay over Rs. 2 lakh before Arjan got his accent right. Now, isn’t that going a little overboard?

According to Karan, Arjan plays Kajol and SRK’s son in the film and he has been born and brought up in the US. In order to give the role an authentic feel, he had to be able to speak like the other kids there. Which is why, when the film was being shot in San Francisco, a local teacher was hired there to teach Arjan. There was no fixed routine to the classes; they were conducted whenever Arjan wasn’t required to shoot. The classes were about three-four hours long and the teacher was paid USD 200 per hour. Arjan had 8 classes in total.

-Sampurn Media

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