Karan Johar moves on to My Name Is Khan


By Joginder Tuteja

There are some films that do not work at the box-office despite all the merits. There could be quite a few factors going in flim’s favor but still something may go drastically wrong and it may crash-land. Something similar happened to ‘Kurbaan’, which released a few weeks back.

Now as Karan Johar begins the promotion of his next release ‘My Name Is Khan’, he reflects on the post-release backlash of ‘Kurbaan’ and declares that he continues to be proud of his film.

What really went wrong with ‘Kurbaan’?

I think it’s the scale and budget of the film that failed, not the subject or it’s treatment. Had the budget been lesser, we should have won the box-office as well. And this is not the first time when something like this happened. Today we call ‘Omkara’ a cult film but we all remember that on its theatrical release, it hadn’t done really well. It was an incredible film but such subjects need to explore their audiences. Cinema like ‘Kurbaan’ deserves to be made and along with UTV Motion Pictures and Rensil, I am proud of it.

But there isn’t a shortage of brickbats…

I am all for critical analysis. It can be good as well as bad; it’s all-fair. We live in a huge demographic state and people will have different views. We are a country with diverse opinions so let audiences decide what they like or don’t. Also, box office reporting is a must as well and regardless of the kind of collections that come in, they should be made available to everyone. As for critics or trade pundits, I can’t fathom how they can start playing the role of a screenplay writer? Am I disappointed? No, but I am amused for sure.

What happens from here on?

Well, it’s time to move on to ‘My Name Is Khan’. Yes, ‘Kurbaan’ is an emotionally disappointing affair. However, professionally it has been really elevating. There is some learning and we all would apply them in our next outing together.

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