Kapal Kundala (1980) Ranjit Mullick-Mohua-Classic-Watch the Bengali Movie Online

Kapal Kundala (1980) Ranjit Mullick-Mohua-Classic-Watch the Bengali Movie Online
Direction: Pinaki Bhushan Mukherjee
Story: Bankimchandra Chatterjee, Script: Ardhendu Mukherjee (additional help by Dilip Dey Chowdhury)
Music Direction: Hemanta Mukherjee
Lyric: ,Kaji Nazrul Islam, Pulak Banerjee
Playback Singers: Manna Dey, Hemanta Mukherjee, Arati Mukherjee, Pratima Mukherjee, Bitu Samajpati.
Cast:Ranjit Mullick, Sumitra Mukherje, Mohua Roy Chowdhury, Ordhendu Mukherjee, Shamita Biswas, Bhanu Banerjee, Shantana Basu, and more…..

Kapal Kundala has been made several times in Bengali Film history. This is a famous story written by Bankimchandra Chatterjee.

  1. First time, it was made in 1929, even before our independence. It was directed by Priyanath Ganguly. The leading actors were: Durgadas Benerjee, Tulsi Banerjee, Probodh Bose, Patience Cooper, India Devi (Played Kapal Kundala), Seeta Devi, Surendranath Ghosh, Santi Gupta, Lalita, Naresh Mitra and more. In that really old period, there were a tradition of making films on Hindu Gods and Goddesses. For example, Priyanath Ganguly also directed “Radha Kriahna” in 1933. The famous director in early Bengali film history made more than 15 very successful Films inclding: Kal Parinaya (1936), Bidyasundar (1935), Patal Puri (1935), Taruni (1934), Jamuna Puliney (1933), Debi Chowdhurani (1931), Prahlad (1931), Sarala (1928), Durgesh Nandini (1927), Jana (1927), Krishnakanter Will (1926).
  2. Second time, the Kapal Kundala was made in 1933 by Premankur Atorthy. The leading actors were: Durgadas Banerjee, Monoranjan Banerjee, Moline Debi, Nibhanani Debi, Umasashi (played Kapalkundala). Premankur Atorthy was born in 1983 in British India and also one of the famous bengali directors who produced many Black and White Bengali film in pre-independence period and some in post independence too. He was a actor himself and a writer too. He actually wrote the story “Sarala” that was directed by Priyanath Ganguly! One of his earliest achievement was “Dena Pawna” where Bhanu Banerjee did a great job. He directed many Hindi movies too and our charming Pahadi Sanyal actually also done many Hindi movies this time and some under his direction.
  3. The third Kapal Kundala released after a decade from the first Kapal Kundala in 1939. This time the movie was directed by both Nitin Bose and Phani Majumdar. Leela Desai played the role for Kapal Kundala. Some othe actors were Sailen Chowdhury, Najmul Hussain, Kamaleshkumari, Panna Rani, Jagdesh Sethi and more. Nutin Bose was multi Talented person. He was a writer, director, cinematographer, cameraman and more. He directed more than 35 Bengali and Hindi Films in his life. Well he was the cousin of famous Satyajit Roy too.
  4. The Fourth Kapal Kundala was released in 1952. This time directed by Ardhendu Banerjee. Ardhendu Banerjee was an actor himself and well known for his role in film Tansen (1958). He has directed many movies in early independence period of Bengali and Hindi cinema.
  5. The fifth Kapal Kundala was made by Pinaki Bhusan Mukherjee in 1981.First time Kapal Kundala in COLOR! He is probably slightly more known to you all as he directed some nice movies with Uttam Kumar. For example, “Alo amar Alo” in 1971 was his direction – very famous for Uttam-Suchitra couple. His another very famous movie is Chowringhee in 1968 with Uttam Kumar and Subhendu Chatterjee.

The Kapal Kundala you are going to watch is the last one. It was produced by Pinaki Productions and released little after the death of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. Pikani Mukherjee dedicated the film to Uttam Kumar too. When you first play the movie, you will see ” RISHI BANKIMCHANDER” Kapal Kundala. He thought Bankimchandra was more than a person! Kaji Nazrul Islam was one of the lyricist in this famous film along with very popular Pulak Mjukherjee. We have awesome playback singers in this movie too such as Manna Dey, Hemanta, Pratima, Arati and more. Ranjit Mullick was too good in this movie as well as Sumitra and Mohua. A great family movie with to watch. Oh ya, Mohua Roy Chowdhury played Kapal Kundala this time.

You can tell by the no. same movie in last 50 years how close bengalies are to gods. We will wait for the 6th release in Kapal Kundala soon with Prosenjit and Mithunda in it and Rituparna as our lovely Kapalkundala (we wish).
Momonts from The Bengali Movie Baghini:

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3 thoughts on “Kapal Kundala (1980) Ranjit Mullick-Mohua-Classic-Watch the Bengali Movie Online

  1. As far as I can remember, the “KAPALKUNDALA” character was played by Mahua Roy Chowdhury (Not by Mousumi Chatterjee) in the fifth film made by Pinaki Mukherjee. As usual, Mahua did excellent job in playing the famous character (Kapalkundala) and is remembered for her great acting in the movie. I would be happy if correction is made in this regard, of course if I am not wrong. Because, I feel that wrong information sometimes disregard a very very popular and highly talented actress like Mahua Roy Chowdhury..

  2. Hello Asit,
    thanks for pointing out the problem. I made the correction already. Glad that you read my post. Most of the people just come to watch the movies without paying any attention to what I write!

  3. Dear dada,

    I have been searching for some Bangla Cinema of named Kapalkundala,
    Ananda Moth and the writer of those book is Bankimchandra Chatterjee

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