Kannada actor Anand arrested for harrassing wife, demanding dowry

Bangalore, May 17 (Calcutta Tube) Kannada actor Anand has been arrested for allegedly demanding dowry from his wife Bharani and harassing her, police said.

Thyagaraya Nagar Women Police in Bangalore Friday night acted on Bharani’s complaint that Anand harassed her physically and mentally for money even after selling gold ornaments given by her parents during their marriage.

She also charged him with having a relationship with actress Ramya Barna, who stars opposite Anand in his second film ‘Nannedeya Haadu’. She lodged the complaint against Anand, his father Bhadraiah and Ramya, police said.

‘Anand told me to sell all the ornaments given by my parents as his film ‘Nannedeya Haadu’ was stuck up due to lack of finance. I had to sell my ornaments thinking that it would help his film career,’ Bharani said in her complaint.

‘Even after selling off my gold ornaments worth Rs.50 lakh, Anand demanded money from me and was forcing me to ask money from my parents. He physically assaulted me. Later I came to know that he was having an affair with Ramya Barna,’ she added.

Anand was an anchor in Udaya TV before he was selected as the main lead in Kannada film ‘Manasugala Maathu Madhura’. He married Bharani a year ago.

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