Kanchan Mullick Talk show -Chadda Stop

Kanchan Mullick Talk show -Chadda Stop
Kanchan MullickKanchan Mullick
Hopefully you all at least know Kanchan Mullick by Face if not by name. He is the
thinnest guy I have ever seen in Bengali Films. He is truely a “Natok” person and does cheap comedy roles in various Bangla Movies. Recently “Akash bangla” Channel is doing a talk show called “Chadda Stop”. The idea is similar to “Coffee with Karan”. Kanchan Mullick is meeting with varies celebrities and asking off-beat questions. The show is directed by Ayon Chakrabarty (Gandhar). He has already interviewed Kunal Mitra, Locket and many more.
Kanchan MullickKanchan Mullick
Here is Kanchan Mullick in another popular TV show.

Please write your own review of the TV SHOW if you have watched it! Thank You in advance.

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  1. CHADDA STOP-CELEBRITY FUN-FILLED CHAT SHOW – 07.00 pm to 07.30 pm / Sunday

    Commencing from : 6th April’2008

    The Concept
    Out Door Chat Show with Kanchan Mullick as the Anchor. He will be asking humorous questions to the celebrities most of the time.

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