Kajol Bhromora-Bengali TV serial with Sonali Chowdhuri, Bhaswar Chatterjee

Sonali Chowdhuri, Bhaswar ChatterjeeKolkata, Aug 10 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Popular TV actor Sonali Chowdhuri and Bhaswar Chatterjee are  slated to appear in a Bengali TV show “Kajol Bromora” which heralds the tale of how “terrorism loses to human love”.

“Kajol Bhromora”, which was showcased in Kolkata on Tuesday, tells the story of a young patriotic girl “Kajol”, who under ill-fated coercion gets involved with terrorists and consequently her world turns upside down.

Sonali, who portrays the protagonist, said: “I was really attracted by the character and so I decided to do this.”

“Everyday I am learning new things about Kajol and in future the audience will also learn about her,” she added.

Bhaswar, who plays the male lead “Rangan”, an engineer who shares the romantic equation with “Kajol”, said, “The character I play has many shades. How Rangan comes out of a relationship with Dia, his fiancée and how he comes into contact with Kajol is from where the story progresses.”

The serial is scheduled to be launched on Aug 15 on Rupashi Bangla and has a tentative running period of one year.

(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty, Photo by Avishek Mitra)

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