Kaisa Kai Raju?

The laughter express seemed to have taken a backseat. The otherwise happy-go-lucky Raju Srivastav is quite anxious today. Usually his ongoing commentary entertains the housemates and the atmosphere is always light with him joking around. But today it just didn’t look like Raju was himself.

He was seen talking about leaving the house. In fact throughout afternoon he mostly kept to himself and kept staring at his family picture –perhaps Raju has begun to miss his family.

By evening the laughter king was back in his avatar and was seen pulling Vindu’s leg. The housemates decided to play dumb charades to kill time and Raju donned the role of a barber and stated combing on Vindu’s baldhead with a comb. He then went up to Claudia with an iron and started ironing her jeans! That led to a roar of laughter amongst the housemates.

Way to go Raju bhai, you are indeed the laughter medicine!

-Sampurn Media

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