Kailasha scales new height


Popular sufi singer Kailash Kher’s unique, soulful and high-pitched voice goes global with the release of his third album ‘Kailasha Chandan Mein’. New York based World Music Label and Cumbancha Records are international launch partners of the album. 

His previous two albums were record-sellers. He also has many super hit Bollywood numbers to his credit. Kailash shares the significance of this album in an interview.

Tell us about your new album?
It consists of eight songs based on love and romance. Music is composed by Paresh and Naresh, my other band members. Even Kawa Brass Band has the key role in making of this album.

What is new in this album?
In this album we have not used any electronic instrument but Indian traditional instruments like Morchang, Ektara, Chimta, Kartaal, Mandolin, Saaz, Ud, Bagal-Bachcha, Ravan Hatha etc. So I call it an organic album. Also it’s happening for the first time that any Indian singer has launched the album along with other international artistes. I dedicate this album to my father who is no more.

Which is your favourite song from the album?
I like all the songs in this album. But the song ‘Piya Ghar Aaweinge’ is close to my heart because I wrote the song after my father’s death.

Tell us about video song in the album?
‘O Jee’ is the video song shot in the holy city Pushkar in Rajasthan. Rajat Nagpaal has done a brilliant job.
What do you have to say about usage of unique words in your songs? 
I have grown singing bhajan’s of st. Kabir, st. Raidas and Guru Nanak. So even I try using good words in my songs. These words are not out of this world, it is very much Hindustani, Alas! This generation cannot understand.

Which is the most memorable live show?
I was performing in Washington for ‘Pakistani Doctors Association’. I decided not to perform ‘Bagad Bum’, as it is sung in the praise of lord Shiva but I was taken by surprise when audience requested me to perform it. After the performance they started hooting, once more…once more…I did perform again for them.

-Deepa Mishra / Sampurn Media

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