Kailash Kher on new music album ‘Kailasa Rangeele’

Kailash KherJan 20, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Sufi Singer Kailash Kher who recently visited Kolkata to promote his latest music album Kailasa Rangeele talks about his latest musical venture. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

What is Rangeela all about?

Rangeela is about life, about love and about the celebration of life.

How many songs are there in the album?

There are eleven tracks in the album.

A song ‘Tu kya jaane’ from the album which is already topping music charts…

Yes, people are liking it, loving it. It is a song which reflects the anger inside you. It is about love. When you are in love you are not simply in love, you share so many shades of emotions in a particular moment. This song is also the same. It will make you love, hate, laugh, cry, cheer up.

Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice to your album. How was the experience?

It was a fantastic experience. He has sung a song for us in KBC. We requested Amit Ji to sing for our album. He agreed and that’s how it happened. We all just loved it.

Your two year old son Kabir has been featured in the album. Tell something about that.

Kabir is a very good child. He is God’s gift to us. When we were making this album he was with us all the time. So one day we decided to grab him and put him in front of the microphone. It is only a 25-30 sec shot in the album.

Youths connect more to your songs. Why?

Youths have got something new after a long break with my album…thoughts were different; the songs had more depth in it. They are able to connect with their situations and the different phases of life which they go through.

Who is your inspiration behind such soulful music?

Inspiration is not a particular thing or person. It is the nature’s beauty, soul’s purity. But mainly God’s creation inspires me a lot and I can visualize it in each and every object made by him.

How much has your family been supportive in these 10 years of your career?

During my initial years, my family did not support me as they did not want me to come in this musical world. But gradually when I was trying to establish myself and results were seen, they slowly reunited.

Why is that you don’t do too much playback singing these days?

I sing for films but not that much; because people may get bored by my songs (laughs).

Are we going to hear you sing Bengali songs?

Yes, I’m thinking of doing an album on Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti in the near future.

Which is your favourite track?

‘Ye jo desh hai tera’ from Swades and ‘Saiyaan’ from my album.

– Papri Chanda/ IBNS

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