Kailash Kher on music album ‘Rangeele’

Mar 9, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Versatile singer Kailash Kher talks about his latest music album ‘Rangeele’. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Singer Kailash Kher who shot to fame with his song “Allah Ke Bandey” recently released a new music album Rangeele, unveiled by Amitabh Bachchan. All 11 songs are written by Kher and composed by him along with his band members Paresh and Naresh. The album is recorded by Kailash Kher’s music company Kailasa records.

Tell us something about this new album of yours.
My new album is named as Rangeele which is released by Kailasa Records. It has total 11 songs and every song has its own story. So every song becomes a title track.

Can we say that Rangeele has 11 songs of different colors?
According to me, you cannot bind colors numerically because colors are infinite and limitless. In similar way, if you listen to the songs from my album you will feel the presence of different colors in every song.

What is so unique about this album?

One song in the album has the voice of Amitabh Bachchan, apart from that in a conversational song my two-year-old son Kabir has also sung few lines. The song called as “Babaji” is dedicated to my father, another song talks about the paradise on earth “Kashmir”. In this way album Rangeele has many songs which the listeners will like.

Have you made videos for the album songs?
Though we wanted to make videos for all 11 songs but we could manage to make 3 videos for now.

In every album you have used some or the other new musical instrument so what new musical instrument is used in this album?
This time we have used a new instrument called as “Rotara”.

The songs of your album usually confuse the listeners and makes them wonder as to whether you have sung the song for your lover or for the almighty?
Every listener can sing the song as per his will and can think likewise.

What were your thoughts when you started your music company? Did you not fear that there might be a risk factor involved?
No, because risk is involved in everything that you do. The only reason for starting this company is we can work the way we want to which won’t be possible if we work for some other music company. If we work for some other music company we won’t get much freedom which we are getting now.

What kind of music albums will “Kailasa Records” release?
Our efforts will be directed to give break to young and talented budding stars, to give audience good music and most important of all we won’t exploit the young talents. My thinking is, we want to aim for the moon but it’s not necessary that it should be done today itself.

Now that you have started your music company, do you plan to come up with a production house?

Now we have just started with our music company, if God wills we will soon come up with a production house.

You have an image of a Sufi singer; can you tell us what exactly Sufi music is?
Sufi music means the music sung by saints and sages. But I am not saint so I don’t know why people call me Sufi singer.


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