Kabir Suman: Power corrupts a party when it stays long in the government

Kabir Suman
Kabir Suman

Agartala, Aug 9 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): While Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee hold a massive anti-terror rally at West Bengal’s Maoist hotbed Lalgarh on Monday, sympathizer of the rebels Kabir Suman was found missing from political demonstration.

Instead, the party’s Standing Member of Parliament was seen at a concert in Agartala, questioning the present scenario of West Bengal where security forces are trying to win a ‘battle against the Maoists with arms’.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the concert, Bengali singer Kabir Suman said, “Power corrupts a party when it stays long in the government and so I want  the CPI-M led Left Front government (in West Bengal) to leave the chair…they have to. Who am I, the people of Bengal do not want them anymore.”

On the present Maoist scenario in West Bengal, Suman said, “Let’s face the reality at least for one time, the present scenario in the remote rural areas (of Bengal) is pathetic. The army has been trying to bring the situation under control using guns and bullets.

“Did any leader to for a talk or dialogue with them (Maoists)?”

He further said, “Don’t you think that the government should have gone for a dialogue with the Maoist long ag,o keeping in view the talks between Laldenga (Pu Laldenga was Chief Minister of Mizoram state in North-eastern India from 1986 till 1988) and Rajiv Gandhi.

“Don’t you think that we should at least try to know what are the demands of those people who have taken arms in their hands? Instead, we are condemning them just because they have arms in their hands.”

“The Indian Army has worst guns in their hand. The police personnel also have guns but we never question them. But when a tribal hill boy, out of his frustration, takes arms, we abuse him. Hence, I feel that this nation belong to everyone or none. I can’t say more at this age of 62, I am not a political man and do not care,” he added.

Suman, since May 2009, is a member of Parliament of India in the 15th Lok Sabha, having been elected from the Jadavpur constituency in Kolkata on an All India Trinamool Congress ticket, but has remained as the most controversial MP of the party due to his tendency of criticizing the party’s faults and digressions openly.

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