Kaalpurush (2008) – Mithun Chakrabanty, Labani Sarkar, Rahul Bose – wonderful bengali movie.

Kaalpurush (2008) – Mithun Chakrabanty, Labani Sarkar, Rahul Bose – wonderful bengali movie.

Release date: 25th April, 2008
Star Cast: Mithun Chakrabarty, Rahul Bose, Labani Sarkar, Sameera Reddy
Direction: Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Producer: Jhamu Saughand

Kaalpurush (2008) - Mithun Chakrabanty, Labani Sarkar, Rahul Bose - wonderful bengali movie.

Rahul bose is back in bengali film again. Kaalpurush – the latest tollywood bengali film relesing today is nother nice film we all can go and watch and take a breaj from bollywood films. Buddhadeb Dasgupta, the writer and producer of famous “Tahader Katha“, Charachar“, “Uttara“, “Mondo Meyer Upakhyan” and many more is back with another classic direction. Buddhadeb Dasgupta has been internationally awarded multiple times before. He won the “Best ASEAN Film Award” for “Mando Meyer Upakhyan“; “Golden Berlin Bear” award for “Phera“, “Golden Lotus Award” for “Swapner Din“, “Special Directors Award” for “Uttara” and many more. Please visit the link to check all of his awards.
Another attaction in this movie is our favorite “Mithunda” who is at the to of “best hero in recent” time poll running at our site for few months. We still do not yet have another actor who can beat Mithun Chakrabarty. Labani Sarkar is another lead cast in the film.
This movie is releasing in many Calcutta movie halls today including Fame South City, Inox City Center, Nandan, Mini Jaya, Star Theater and more. You should be able to get a ticket.

So plan for a weekend movie with your friend and family and write us back a review of the film.

Story line:
Rahul Bose is a shy Calcutta office clark, who struggles to come to terms with his father. Sumanta also finds himself dissatisfied at home. His wife, Supriya, represents the middle class and seeks success for herself in a new career as an author.To make Sumanta’s mental condition even worse, his wife gets big success with her new book and thereby wins entry into the “Guinness Book of World Records” for writing the most words about America by a Bengali author.

12 thoughts on “Kaalpurush (2008) – Mithun Chakrabanty, Labani Sarkar, Rahul Bose – wonderful bengali movie.

  1. Buddhadeb Dasgupta is one of the leading bengali directors who can brilliantly makes intellectual movies. ‘Tahader Kotha’, ‘Mondo Meyer Upakhyan’ are some of his best creations. Hope we’ll see another good creation in ‘Kaalpurush’.

  2. Hello Rakesh, are you admin/mod or something at http://www.movietimes.in

    Your work is most beautiful in that case.

    Anasuya, We don’t have the movie. We will add if we find it somewhere.

    Thanks for the comments friends.

  3. Kalpurush is an excellent off-beat movie, away from the hustle bustle of typical Bollywood movies. It’s a relief in today’s melodramatic Indian movie environment.Thanks to everyone involved with this movie-‘Kalpurush’. Mithunda and Rahul Bose’s performances were simply mesmeric.Labony Sarkar and Sameera Reddy were good enough. I expect more of such kind of films from the industry-which can give people thoughts to ponder upon instead of gulping down lip-lock moments of Eemran Hashmi.

  4. though i don’t understand bengali, i went to watch this movie as i love to watch rahul!!! , and came out loving him even more, the story is a bit confusing but i loved the movie all the way , makes me remind my kolkata days !

  5. i just love buddhadeb movies. seen UTTORA more than 20 times. he is the master of long shots. even in this film (Kalpurush) he gave some great shot. mithun is superb. rahul faced him quite nicely

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