Jyoti signs divorce notice


Feb 4, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Jyoti’s family has seen happiness after a long time with Sandeep’s engagement, but seems like their joy is short-lived. As on the day of Sandeep’s (Varun Khandelwal) engagement his sister Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) is served a divorce notice by her husband Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja).

Well for those who can’t wait to know what will be Jyoti next step, the news is, she will sign the divorce notice. Apparently to handle the crisis, Jyoti’s family appoints a lawyer. The lawyer informs Jyoti that by signing the notice she would be entitled to alimony of rupees 50 lac. On hearing this, Jyoti tells her family that she wants to meet Pankaj once, before signing the notice.

Jyoti then meets Pankaj and tells him that she knows that he thinks that the baby does not belong to him. She puts a condition for signing the notice that he will not claim for the child in future. After hearing this Pankaj loses his temper and abuses her that he knew that she was very smart but didn’t know that she will play this kind of wicked game. He assures her and asks her to sign the notice. Considering that Pankaj has again misunderstood her she signs the notice and leaves the house with tears in her eyes.

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