Jungle mein morr nacha kisne dekha hai – Himesh Reshammiya


Singer-composer-actor Himesh Reshammiya is all set to replay the role of a judge in Zee’s singing based reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. The singer turned actor shares his views on the unreal drama happening in reality shows and many more.

Q. What do you have to say about the new season of Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?
A. This is a great show and has produced quality singers with times. I wish that this time it will give the industry even 10 times better singers than before. I wish that Indian singers should occupy places in the chart of top singers of the world.
Q. Are you happy with the progress of the show?
A. Yes, of course I am happy because many singers have got a better platform with this show and are doing good work now all over. Earlier there were few singers who made a name in this industry with their brilliant works. And as people used to say that new talents should also get chance to show their talents, so I think this platform is a good platform for all and is fulfilling everyone’s desire to make it big in this industry.
Q. Where do all the singers go after the show ends? Do they get work?
A. Today more than 50 to 60 singers are doing very good job and are singing in almost all good projects. Near about 100 to 150 singers are doing good work and are also moving in their own cars and are well established in their lives. I think India is progressing. We through this show will try to give a good voice to the nation which will make all of us proud to be Indians.
Q. Like in the previous season the winner was from your gharana, so can we expect the same from you this year also?
A. First of all I would like to say that all the mentor’s want that their students to win the competition. I would like to say that I, too, wish that my baccha wins this time also.
Q. Do you think that all the dramas shown in the show are meant for raising the TRP?
A. If the concept of the show is to raise the TRP of the show then I don’t think it will harm anyone because indirectly it is adding advantage to the candidates also. It will have to be made entertaining because as the saying goes jungle mein morr nacha kisne dekha hai! So for that cause and for making it entertaining along with reality facts, if the mentors are fighting for their own students then I don’t think there is any harm to it. There is nothing like opposition or enmity kind of things between us. 
Q. Why a singing competition like this has been named as vishwa yudh or maha yudh not as competition?
A. I think that this question should be put to the channel why they have made the concept in such a way. We have only accepted to work in it because we have liked the concept of the show.
Q. How much of the reality and drama will be there in this show?
A. Look, these types of things you are talking about are the pioneers of the show. The concept of the show was not mended for creating any kind of drama or any such thing. All mentors fight for the students of their own gharana and that is not a drama. Indirectly whatever happens there in the show happens within the limit of the concept of the show and not beyond that.

Q. How have you prepared yourself for the finale?
A. There is no preparation as such. I only wish that the show does well even more than before so that the whole world watches it and the contestants become superstars. We need your blessings and support and I promise you that like before this time also quality singers will be produced through this show.

-Sabbir Rehman (SAMPURN)

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