Journalism student Jerome Farras in Delhi worried about relatives in Haiti

No news from home, Haiti journalism student worried sick in Delhi

He hasn\’t been able to sleep, neither has he been able to concentrate on his studies. Unable to contact his family in Haiti, Jerome Farras, a journalism student in Delhi is worried about his relatives back home. Tens of thousands of people are feared dead in his quake-devastated country.

\”I have been trying to contact my family for the last two days but there is no response,\” said an emotional Farras.

\”I am trying to reach my parents, four brothers and a sister, but there is no news from them. I think I will hear bad news,\” he told IANS.

\”I cannot sleep for the last two days. It\’s difficult. I want to hear about my family. I don\’t know where they are,\” said the 30-year-old, who is studying at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) here.

Tens of thousands of people are feared dead in Tuesday\’s 7.0 magnitude quake that has reduced the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, to rubble.

Farras, who is from the capital says he is nervous, anxious and fearful about the situation back home.

\”I may get bad or good news but often I think I will get bad news. I am feeling too low and cannot concentrate on my studies.\”

\”I tried to talk to some of my friends in the US but no one has any news of my people. I feel sad and don\’t know how to manage myself,\” he said, his voice almost choking.

In spite of several calls and emails, there is no response from his father, who is a pastor in Port-au-Prince. \”My elder brother is a teacher but he has not replied to any of my mail. I desperately want to get in touch with them,\” said Farras, who is studying in India on a scholarship.

Farras says he is waiting for some news about his family members after which he will decide about going back.

\”I am going to school (attending IIMC classes) but often feel lost. When such a tragedy has taken place back home, its very difficult for me to study. I don\’t know if I can continue with the course.\”

\”Some times, I tell myself to be brave and face any consequence but it\’s difficult,\” said Farras, in his French accented English. \”I am watching the news and reading newspaper reports but no one has anything about my family,\” he said.

The international community has rushed to help the impoverished Caribbean nation. The damage was centred around the capital, Port-au-Prince, home to about 1.9 million people. India has pledged to donate $1 million for immediate emergency relief in Haiti.

Haiti President Rene Preval has issued a worldwide appeal for assistance. He said 100,000 people might have lost their lives in the natural calamity.
By Prashant K. Nanda

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