JOSH (2010) Bengali Movie Review: Jeet and Srabonti

Jeet and Srabonti
Jeet and Srabonti

JOSH is a 2010 Bengali film directed by Ravi Kinnagi starring JEET and Srabonti. Check out the complete review of the latest Bengali movie.

Cast and Crew:

  • Banner: Shree Venkatesh Films
  • Direction: Ravi Kinnagi
  • Music: Jeet Ganguly
  • Screenplay and script: N.K. Salil
  • DOP: Kumud Verma
  • Editor: Rabi Ranjan Maitra
  • Fight Master: Judo Ramu
  • Cast: Jeet, Srabonti, Anshuman, Laboni, Tapas Pal, Supriyo Dutta, Puneet Issar, Bharat Kaul and others
  • Release Date: 30th July 2010
  • Rating: 4/10


How can an established film maker with a string of hits to his credit, using the same lead actors he used in his previous film, a big hit, make a film that disappoints with its lack of finesse and sophistication that is part of Ravi Kinnagi’s signature? Kinnagi, who delivered the lavishly mounted Wanted that marked the dashing comeback of Jeet has not been effective with his new film Josh. Has he been a bit too quick in making two films and releasing them so soon, almost without a break between the two? Or, is it that the subject is so hackneyed and overdone that he could not give it the ‘kick’ he is so famous for? Or, that he did give it his ‘kick’ but it failed to come across?

Jeet wih Junior artistes in Dubai
Jeet wih Junior artistes in Dubai

However, the bottom line that a critic can neither make nor break the box office potential of a film came across in the packed theatre at Indira that filled with ear-splitting cheering and whistles echoing across its walls with the plaster peeling off. Josh will be a box office hit and the credit almost exclusively lies at the door of Jeet, who has matured wonderfully as an actor during his ‘down’ phase. The story with slight diversions, is as predictable as sunshine in May (Jeet) falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Anuradha (Srabonti). He does not see her live but only on a DVD she mailed to brother Rajeev (Anshuman) who is Indra’s best friend. Indra is hooked and comes along with Rajeev to become a house guest with the family. But Anuradha is studying in Singapore and it takes another couple of days for her to come home. The foundation for the romance is overlaid with the mafia angle to give the film its generous and mandatory dose of graphic violence.

Enter the local mafia (Puneet Issar), his brother (Bharat Kaul) and their army of goons who are ever ready to chop off the heads of any villager who raises his voice against their absolute megalomania. The police, understandably, is absent right through the film and even the regular corrupt policeman is missing leaving room for more violence and sparing us scenes of a police station decorated with Black-and-White portraits of a Gandhi or an Indira Gandhi! Anuradha’s older brother Surya Narayan (Tapas Pal)  is the do-gooder landlord (?) of the small town/village and the villagers look up to him as their God for protecting their land, their right to its produce and also from the injustice and violence of the mafia lord. But Tapas Pal after all, is also a MP of a party led by a white-sari-clad lady. He probably puts in a clause in his contract that he will use the film to spout out his Party’s so-called ideology of non-violence and pro-peasant agenda. Is this ethical? Or is the term ‘mass entertainment’ is being redefined? But wait! This same peace-loving, stinking rich peasant leader maintains a pack of armed goons for himself and his family. He also shares a peg too many with his right-hand man. I doubt if Didi will care for the drinking bit.

His family, minus Anuradha is wiped out during a community Pooja by the local goon’s army. Indra, in retaliation, beheads the goon’s brother and brings his girlfriend to his own home and extended family. Love flowers in the midst of am elaborate family wedding (Hum Aapke Hai Kaun?) the grandfather (Haradhan Bandopadhyay)’s love for the bottle and the family’s unspoken questions about the status of Anuradha vis-à-vis Indra. Post-interval, Kinnagi switches on the violence mode and this goes on till the end when the mafia lord is vanquished by Suryanarayan’s right-hand man, his army scuttles off to save its life from the wrath of Indra’s josh and everything happens happily ever after.

The three things that will surely send the box office coffers ringing are – Jeet’s mind-blowing performance in a role distanced from the one he played in Wanted, expressed in multi-layered shades of emotion, Jeet Ganguly’s melodious musical score and Judo Raju’s choreography and direction of the fight scenes. One song takes off from a hit number from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar but diverts soon after to come into its own. The Dubai song number is also partly a take-off from another hit song but Jeet Ganguly surely knows how to imprint his signature on it. It is very good indeed but the Dubai backdrop does not add to the film’s USP. Srabonti just has to look beautiful and flash smiles or simper and she does this well. Haradhan is wonderful as the peg-loving grandpa. Tapas Pal looks terrible in that hideous wig and Laboni as his wife is so sweet and syrupy that you want to puke. Puneet Issar and Bharat Kaul do little to impress. The opening frames showing Jeet prancing around in a foreign location with skimpily dressed foreign beauties is a disaster.

27 thoughts on “JOSH (2010) Bengali Movie Review: Jeet and Srabonti

  1. film ta nagarjun er akta south film er nakol. But technicaly darun. Jeet dar look & acting great. Overall it deserve 6 out of 10.

    1. Subhabrata Sir ei cinema ta Badla bole ekta south indian film theke hubohu tuke mara.Nagarjun er erokom kono film nei.

  2. Jeet 1st to last all movie are great. But in this movie,he looks most nice.Very nice movie.Jeet is the best actor in kolkata

  3. jeet da josh akta very good flim. tomer notun flim ke ascha.dada tume ke akhon flim come koro na ki.jeet da toma ke bangladesher sober pokho thaka dhonobad.tume onak dur agia ju.

  4. South er filmer Nokol kore bangla Chhabi je tar nijer satta harachche ei film tai tar praman……..
    Film tay ahetuk Hingsha Maramari use kora hoyechhe ja age kono Bangla Cinemay kora hoto na……
    Manush Manush ke Da, Kural diye emonvabe kopacche dekhleo hasi pay…..
    Er theke Murgi katleo loke ektu daya kore….

    Ar Chharitra gulor Standard baranor jonno oder Engineering, IIT er Student bananor ki darkar chilo ke jane……

    This film is Just Time Pass, Not Memorable….

  5. Subhabrata Sir ei cinema ta Badla bole ekta south indian film theke hubohu tuke mara.Nagarjun er erokom kono film nei.

    Tobe Jeet Sir acting ta valoi korechen.

  6. Jeet da tomake FIGHTER filmta te bapok lagche. Ato taratari kikore 8 paks banale BOSS. Bangla industryr kichu boro boro hero der o ato taratari 8 paks bananor energy nei. Tara shobai 4 paks ei atke poreche. JEET da tomar WANTED film ta jokhon release korechilo tokhon theatre e dekhte giyechilam kintu akhon action scene gulo khub miss korchi BOSS please ektu taratari original CDta release koro. Ar FIGHTER nd SHATRU r jonno ALL THE BEST! kichu din age ekta magazine e porchilam je tomar naki ekta film berobe jekhane tomar shonge ache Dev, Soham nd Swastika ei film tar jonne o BEST OF LUCK.

  7. Jara action pochondo kore na tara kichu naka marka bengali film dekhuk, jemon- choto bou, boro bou( directed by anjan choudhury), asa kori khub bhalo lagbe. r baire beronor samay baba maa er hath dhore choluk….
    that will be memorable for them……..

  8. Jeet fit the fighiting movie. Dev fit the fighting & imotional movie. But they’r didnot make performance. I liked them. But not so many.

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