JOR JAAR MULUK TAR (2010) Bengali Film Review-Prosenjit

December 1, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): JOR JAAR MULUK TAR is a 2010 Bengali Film starring Prosenjit, Aksshat, Shaan, Rajatava, Rudronil, Rajesh Sharma directed by Haranath Chakraborty. Read the complete movie review for JOR JAR MULUK TAR.

Cast and Crew

  • Banner: Ashiyana Films and Sukumar Bhadro
  • Produced by: Rajiv Bhado and Sandeep Das
  • Story and Dialogue: Somnath Bhattacharya
  • Direction: Haranath Chakraborty
  • Music: Ashok Raj
  • Editing: Sapan Guha
  • Choreography: James
  • Action: Judo Ramu
  • Cast: Prosenjit, Aksshat, Shaan, Rajatava, Rudronil, Rajesh Sharma, Kanchan Mullick Laboni Sarkar, Arpita, Megha, Sanjita, Sumit Ganguly and others
  • Date of release: 26th November 2010
  • Rating: **

Haranath Chakraborty has successfully blended entertainment and social relevance. His films have all ingredients of a spicy dish and also take on something relevant to comment on. Jor Jaar Muluk Tar tackles ragging. Ragging has different ends to serve in the film. For rival gangs, one led by Rudro (Rudranil), Felu (Kanchan) and Shaan and the other led by Rocky, it is a game of one-upmanship on the campus. For Rudro, not a student of the college, it is a means to gain a larger political end. This involves winning the student elections in college through his cronies Felu and Shaan for his boss, Raghav Rai (Rajatava Dutta) who has taken the contract of razing the college to the grounds to make way for a shopping mall. A new professor, Bikram Chatterjee (Prosenjit), joins the faculty and tries to play angel to guide the youngsters. He too, has his personal axe to grind. Rudra’s ragging led to his younger brother’s tragic death. He has the support of the honest police officer (Rajesh Sharma) and gains the confidence of the two rival student gangs who help him in eliminating Raghav to save the college The principal stands like a dummy within all this mayhem and goonda giri.

Jor Jar Muluk Tar
Jor Jar Muluk Tar

The three elements that drew this critic to this film are –the subject – ragging in colleges with their ulterior motives; the name of Haranath Chakraborty credited as having directed the film; Prosenjit in one more role as a character who plays an ‘angel’ in disguise. This film seems to have been ghost directed by someone else. The Haranath Chakraborty touch is missing in every shot, frame and scene. Prosenjit seems to have shot for the film during his breaks from Gautam Ghose’s Moner Manush because his hair and beard suddenly grow after the interval and is later cropped back to its original style. The dialogues cannot be understood as the sound plays tricks. The song numbers are an incomprehensible complex of noise, fury and speed. The dances are a jumble and the cameraman goes on a merry trip of his own, allowing the camera to dance to the tune of the film or keeping it sans movement, without bothering about aesthetics, plot or action. Judo Ramu is one of the best action directors around but even he falters in this film when one sees Prosenjit down a dozen young men with a single blow. The girls prance around in mini-skirts and micro shorts.  One is even into drugs and prostitution and does not care to hide it. She has the mandatory sob story to back her up.

It is sad to see Haranath Chakraborty’ name associated with this film.  I have given one star for the subject matter and one star for the storyline that carried potential.

Shoma A. Chatterji

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