John Pereira: Priyanka Chopra has most fashionable hair

JOHN in Kolkata
JOHN in Kolkata

August 22 (Calcutta Tube): Brand Ambassador of top global professional mega brand Matrix, Savio John Pereira was Kolkata recently. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with the hair stylist for an brief informal chat.

Who according to you is the most fashionable person in India in terms of hair style?

I feel that Shilpa  Shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Yuvraj Singh are the most fashionable person in terms of hair in India.

What made you the brand ambassador of Matrix?

I think Matrix is superb. It is accessible and not very expensive. The results one gets by using it is superb. I use it in my salon.

When you started your career, who were your inspirations?

Well, my inspirations were of course Anthony Mascolo and Auduma.

What are your up coming projects?

I will be designing for movies. Moreover, I am opening up a new academy in Mumbai. Apart from that, I will be flying to Paris for ‘Hair World’.

What do you feel about Kolkata and hair fashion?

Frankly speaking, people do not experiment too much with their hairs in Kolkata.

(Photo by Avishek Mitra)

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