John comes to Natasha’s rescue!


At a recent promotional event for UTV Bindass’ new reality show ‘Big Switch’, its contestants were given a task to push handcarts to a finishing line, while gen-X heartthrob John Abraham was in attendance to boost their moral and add to the glamour value.

Everything was hunky-dory and all the contestants were having fun in the frenzy, when one of them, former Miss India World Natasha Suri, was seen lagging behind with her handcart, as she was wearing high heels. Little did she realise, she had a gentleman marking her plight.

Within seconds, John jumped into the fray and joined Natasha in her task, as if like a knight in shining armour. While her co-contestants couldn’t help but stare almost in jealousy, winning and losing hardly mattered to Natasha after that. No wonder, this Barbie doll of fashion now wants to be “the female John Abraham– hot and sexy, but with a heart”.

-Sampurn Media

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