John Abraham on Hindi film ‘Vicky Donor’

John AbrahamMar 20, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actor John Abraham has started his new production house and donned the producer’s hat for rom-com Vicky Donor, a film that deals with sperm donation and the taboo attached to it. The actor talks about his latest ventures in a candid conversation. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

What made you start your production house John Abraham Entertainment?

When I read the script, I really liked it. The concept is unique. I wanted to work with Shoojit (Sircar, director) for a long time. So it was the best opportunity. When we decided to present the film on screen, I thought it was the best step to be a producer. I enjoy the space of being the producer and give a platform to new talent because I too was a newcomer at some point of my life. And the way I was encouraged by the (film) industry, I think it’s pay back time now.

Do you think films like Vicky Donor will be perfect launch pads for newcomers?

Yes of course. New talents should always be encouraged and they should be launched. And when they get a first film like Vicky Donor, I think it’s the best film to start off with.

Were you nervous while trying your hand at film production?

Not at all; I was very excited from the very beginning.

Are you doing a special appearance in the film?

We did a special song in this film…I am in that song. It was a lot of fun; Bosco-Caesar choreographed the song. We shot on March 19 and 20.

Since you found Vicky Donor so interesting, why aren’t you starring as a lead in this film?

I know what you mean. Generally when an actor starts his production house, he stars himself in the first film. I decided from the very beginning not to be a part of the film, except the item song. When Shoojit made me read the script it was very clear that the film needed new faces. We decided to present the film together and were talking at every point and time of casting after which Ayushmann (Khurrana) and Yami’s (Gautam) names came up.  I think we have made the best choices in all our characters be it Annuji (Kapoor), Ayushmann or Yami. And when you see the film, you too will agree.

What was the one thing you realized while producing Vicky Donor?

As a producer when you start your first film, it is important that to power it up and to present it effectively. In the capacity of a producer I promise you nothing but super entertainment in this film.

Since you are shooting for Shootout at Wadala, how much time could you take out for Vicky Donor amid hectic shooting schedules?

Balaji (Motion Pictures, production house) and Sanjay (Gupta, director) have been very kind. I wanted time off and this is priority for me at this point of time. I was there since the first drafting of the film, the casting, shooting, music, post-production…I was always present as the creative producer of the film. The entire team of Vicky Donor will be traveling across cities and in colleges to promote it and I am going to be with them. There will not be a place where I won’t be there with them. We made this film as a team and we are going to go and see the release of this film as a team.

Do you think audiences will be able to appreciate Vicky Donor given the taboo present with sperm donation in Indian society?

I have made this film especially for youngsters…and I am sure they will love it. If they can appreciate a film like Dostana (a 2008 rom-com on homosexuality), they will like Vicky Donor as well.

As for the taboo…I don’t find anything wrong in donating sperm.

In the film, it is seen that people generally prefer sperm of a cricketer or an actor. Which actor will you not like to see as a sperm donor?

I won’t like a John Abraham sperm … technically the genes are too strong.

Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

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