John Abraham-Genelia D’Souza promote Hindi movie ‘Force’ in Kolkata

Genelia D Souza John Abraham in KolkataKolkata, Sept 27 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actors John Abraham and Genelia D’Souza promoted their upcoming Hindi movie Force in Kolkata on Monday.
At the conference organised to promote the film and to announce the association of the innerwear brand GenX from Lux industries with Force, John said that Force is essentially an action thriller with a love story as the background.
“This is essentially a romantic action thriller where I play the role of a tough cop called ACP Yashwardhan who works in the narcotics department,” John remarked.
“This is an emotional action story and the emotions are quite high,” Genelia said.
Bollywood director Nishikant Kamat, who had risen to fame after directing Mumbai Meri Jaan stated that his diversion to mainstream cinema came from a desire of doing something different.
“I have made socialist and realist films before so I wanted to make something like Force just to try something different,” Kamat said.
John said that his beefed up physique in the film was a result of eight months of hard work and he had gained 10 kilos of muscle mass for the role.
“Nishikant wanted me to look really tough so I had to work very hard for eight months and I want the youngsters to know that are really no short cuts of gaining a good body. In the end however it is my performance as an actor that will matter,” John said.
Genelia who had wanted to shed the cute girl image will once again adorn a similar outlook for her character Maya in the film.
She explained that she is being preferred for “bubbly roles” because of a certain look that she carries but her character in Force isn’t really “clueless” and should appear more ladylike and less of a college girl.
“I don’t think being bubbly is bad but being cute is often related to being clueless. So that is something that I want to change,” Genelia said.
John explained that the tattoo on his arm though not common for police officers, was made as his character in the movie warranted it.
“The tattoo was made because I work undercover as a drug-peddler in the movie.”
Upon query John revealed that he was happy with the recent success of action movies and now the stage is set for Force.
“I think the appearance of so many action movies is purely coincidental but this boosts our confidence and we hope our film will also do well,” John said.
Speaking on the association of Lux GeneX with Force, Lux Industries Chairman Ashok Todi said, “The soryline of the film Force and the identity of our brand GenX Style Inner complement each other to the core. Nothing could have been a better platform for our in-film association in Bollywood than a film like this.”
(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty; Photos by Avishek Mitra/IBNS)

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