Jiban Saikate (1972) – Soumitra Chatterjee – Aparna Sen Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

Jiban Saikate (1972) – Soumitra Chatterjee – Aparna Sen Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

Jiban Saikate

Direction: Swedesh Sarkar
Art Direction: Sunil Sarkar
Photography: Modhu Bhattacharya
Story: Tirtha Chatterjee/ Screen Play – Swadesh Sarkar and Beeru Mukherjee
Music Direction:Sudhin Dasgupta
Lyric: Pulak Banerjee and Sudhin Dasgupta
Playback Singers: Asha Bhosle, Manna Deya
Cast:Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparna Sen, Kanika Majumdar, Chandrabati Debi, Monika Mitra, Seema Das, Dilip Roy, Nirmal Ghosh, Meera Chakrabarty, Sona Dutta, Swati Basu, Bimal Banerjee, Dulal Biswas, Mintu Chakrabarty, Samar Biswas, and more
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Note: We have a FAMOUS CABERE DANCE by MISS TAHITA in this film!!!!

Short Review:

Jiban Saikate is a movie about “Medical Profession”. The movie tried to look into positive and negative side of this profession and how that affects the personal life of a doctor. Soumitra Chatterjee played the leading role of a very talented doctor. He is obsessed with his work and he wants to serve the poor. He never went abroad and continued his practice in his little hometown. He fell in love with cute Aparna Sen and soon they got married. Everything was going very well till Soumitra was introduced to the “money loving” doctors at Calcutta. Soumitra operated a very critical case and succeeded. And that one success brought him to the limelight. He was offered viry high price to work from a private Nursing Home in Calcutta. He finally accepted the offer. Everything went wrong since then. He found that he can make a lot of money just by telling false things to his patients. He started extra marital affair and did not even care about his wife and son. One day, Aparna Sen left him and took their son with her. Time passed by and eventually Soumitra understood what a big mistake he made in his life. It was too late by then and he could not track down Aparna Sen anywhere. Aparna Sen was working very hard to take care of her son in this time. One day, her son had a very bad accident and she had to take her son to some big city for operation. Only after the operation, she found out that it was no one but Soumitra was the doctor. Soumita was a changed person by the time. And eventually they united again with some effort from their son.

A really great film to watch/. Dilip Roy played a role as good fried of Soumitra and did excellent. Some songs are superb while others are okie. However we have Manna, Asha, Sandhya and Manabendra singing for us with able music direction by Sudhin Dasgupta. Over all a very good family drama for all.

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