Jharkhand marked growth rate at 8.17 percent, says survey

Ranchi, Feb 26 (Calcutta Tube) Jharkhand’s gross domestic state product (GDSP) grew at an annual rate of 8.17 percent between 2001-02 and 2008-09, says the Economic Survey report tabled in the assembly Friday.

‘The primary sector GDSP has reduced by 1.16 percent since 2001-2002. Agriculture and animal husbandry sector has decreased by 26.22 percent during 2001-2002 to 2008-09,’ says the survey report.

‘In contrast, the share of mining and quarrying has increased by 34.28 percent during the same period. In the primary sector, it is agriculture and animal husbandry segment which is holding back the annual growth rate.’

The survey says the secondary sector has grown by 205 percent since 2001-2002. Output of manufacturing sector has increased by four times.

Construction output has recorded a high growth of 72.05 percent, whereas output from electricity, water supply and gas reduced by 20.19 percent during the same period.

‘Income from electricity, water supply and gas recorded erratic growth till 2005-06 but recorded steady growth of 5-6 percent per annum in subsequent years,’ the reports says.

The report says that the tertiary sector has grown by about 52.52 percent during the period.

The per capita GDSP has seen a significant increase of 53.95 percent since 2001-02.

‘The immense variations in sectoral growth is telling upon the economic health of the state and calls for immediate strategic corrections,’ says the report.

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