Jhalak Desai-Determined About Education And Acting

Jhalak Desai, the TV actress is determined to complete her education and do acting at the same time. Explore the actress in an intimate interview.

Jhalak Desai-Determined About Education And Acting-Interview

Jhalak Desai, the TV actress is determined to complete her education and do acting at the same time. Explore the actress in an intimate interview.

A new birdie has just showed her jhalak on television in the promos of ‘Sajan Ghar Jana Hai’ and has charmed everyone with her innocence. In a candid interaction with media, school pass-out Jhalak Desai expressed her determination to complete her graduation along with acting.

Tell us about your character.

My character’s name is Sarla Raghuvanshi. She is seventeen-eighteen year old girl who gets married to Amber Raghuvanshi. She is good at heart and expects everyone to be the same. Everyone pampers her in the family. She is very bubbly and likes to dress up. It’s a positive character. In the beginning Sarla is not aware of him being married already. I am not as bubbly as Sarla, but I am talkative like her. Honestly, I don’t relate to the character much.

As you are from Gujarat, born and brought up in Mumbai, how much do you relate to the culture of UP?

I like everything about the serial. I didn’t know much about the culture of north, so I am gradually learning it while shooting. According to me multiple-marriage is very individualistic. I don’t think everyone in UP gets married twice. There is a tinge of Lucknawi accent. I use to wear saree only on Teacher’s day. I enjoy wearing sarees though I find difficult to walk in them.

Were you not reluctant to begin with the character of a married woman?

Making my debut as a married woman does not concern me, because I am playing my age. She is also 16-17 year old girl just like me.

From where did you catch the acting bug?

I am daughter of a television actress Falguni Desai, so it has passed in me from her. I use to take part in dramatics in school, but not any formal training as such. Rest I believe it is upon me, and how I carry it off. I haven’t done acting before but I got a call from the production house, as I was always interested in acting I had my portfolio done.

What have you been doing before serial happened to you?

I have just passed my tenth. I have applied for online admissions in college. It is good that we don’t have to stand in long-long queues. I have scored 90 percent and I am opting for science.

How will you manage both studies and acting?

I am equally committed to both my studies and acting as well. I think I will be able to pull it off, as my team is very supportive. They will be scheduling the shoots according to my college. I intend to become an Engineer, so I have to clear my entrance exams. Once college commences I will plan accordingly.

But Engineering needs rigorous revision.

This is a wonderful offer, so I am doing it. In future unless I get something really exciting I won’t do any serial, as I intend to complete my graduation first. I can do my acting at an older age but this is the only age to study.

– TV Features and Interviews / Deepa Mishra / Sampurn

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