Jewellery, cash looted in two Ghaziabad towns

Ghaziabad, July 10 (Calcutta Tube) A gang of robbers looted cash and jewellery worth over Rs.2 lakh from half-a-dozen houses in Modinagar and Pilkhuwa towns of Ghaziabad, police said Saturday. The criminals were clad in just their undergarments, a victim said.

According to police, the robbers committed robberies in the two towns simultaneously after midnight Friday.

In Modinagar, the robbers barged in the house of Suresh Chandra Sharma, who was alone at home, and overpowered him.

As Sharma’s wife, son and daughter-in-law returned from a wedding, the criminals let them in and also overpowered them. They snatched all the jewellery the women were wearing and a few thousand rupees and fled from the spot.

Sharma’s wife and daughter-in-law Megha, who were critically injured when they tried to resist, were taken to a local nursing home from where the doctors referred them to a medical college in Meerut.

Sharma claimed that the robbers were barefoot and not wearing any clothes except their undergarments. They had rubbed oil on their bodies to make it difficult to nab them.

At the same time, five houses in Anwarpur area in Pilkhuwa were targeted and jewellery looted from half a dozen women as well as silver utensils and cash. The entire series of robberies lasted three hours. A man who tried to resist the robbery was injured.

A victim alleged that he called the police when the dacoits were in the house but his call was ignored.

‘We have registered the cases and hunt is on to nab the criminals,’ Superintendent of Police (Rural) M.M. Baig said.

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