Jennifer Lopez promises new album to be different in terms of music, beats

London, June 8 (IANS) Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has said her new album will be different from her previous releases in terms of music and beats but not in theme.

The ‘Wedding Planner’ star is currently working on a new album, and though she says the record has a modern feel, she has promised fans she is planning to take a surprising new direction with her music but not with her common theme, that is love, reports

‘Right now, I’m finishing up my album, which I’ve been working on for about eight months, after a transition from one record company to another. We’re really trying to finish up to get the record out this year at some point,’ said Lopez.

‘I like hot beats. I like dance music and pop music. It’s not going to be a great departure but I want it to be new and modern and feel current, with the same messaging that I’ve always had in my music which is about love. And hopefully make it more insightful and show more growth,’ she added.

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