Jeffrey Archer launches book ‘Only Time Will Tell’ in Kolkata

Jeffrey ArcherKolkata, Mar 10 (Calcutta Tube/ IBNS): Literature lovers in the city had a unique experience of interacting with renowned storyteller Jeffrey Archer, as he was here to officially launch his latest novel titled ‘Only Time Will Tell’.
Archer said, “I wanted a new challenge, something that will drive me. My earlier works were different and thus I decided to write this one. I did not know where I will go (the completion of the story) and that was the biggest challenge.”
“Only with this book that even in the last page I was not sure where I will go and end and there will be a twist,” he said.
Speaking Indian authors, Archer said that his favourite writer from the country is R K Narayan.
[ReviewAZON asin=”B001VLXNO2″ display=”inlinepost”]“He really can tell a story,” Archer said.
“I feel that he needs world wide recognition. When I tell people about him they often tell that they do not know about Narayan, but I feel that this is bad.” Archer said.
He said that it is necessary for a writer to stay in a place and grasp the local customs and traditions to compose novels or stories based on that locale.
“No I really need to live here to realize the manners, the customs, you cannot just write in 10 weeks,” he said.
“Everybody reading it will understand that he has popped in for the weekend,” he said.
“Speaking about his rewriting of his famous novel ‘Kane and Abel’ the renowned writer said: “I decided to rewrite it because i feel that if it lasted for 30 years then why wont it last for more 30 years, I want to write it for next generation and generation afterwards,” he said.
His latest book ‘Only Time Will Tell’ spans from World War I to World War II (1920 to 1940).
Photos by Avishek Mitra/IBNS

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