Jeete hai Shaan se


Q. How would you define fashion?
A. It’s your own decision for the cloths you choose to wear. There’s no doubt that the way you dress up, grooms you only. For me, one has to feel comfortable with whatever he wears.

Q. Where do you normally shop your clothes from?
A. Actually, I have my own designer named Troy Costa or else I generally go abroad for shopping whenever I am doing any show or something.

Q. Which brands do you prefer to buy?
A. I generally go for Diesel, Armani jeans and there is a new line called Salsa which is really nice.

Q. Do you often visit fashion shows?
A. No, not really.

Q. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
A. My designer Troy Costa and besides him I like designs by Narendra Kumar.

Q. Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?
A. I have few jackets that I bought for my shows like Armani jackets and likes.

Q. Which is your favourite party wear?
A. While going for parties I like to wear nice jeans with a faded shirt.

Q. What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?
A. At home I am comfortable in a track and a T-shirt.

Q. Any particular colours you opt for while buying your clothes?
A. I opt for vibrant colors.

Q. Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?
A. It is always better to be under stated in your dresses and going over the top. It’s okay to be a little under dressed but it is not good to be over dressed. I think the dress should be well fitted; it should not be too loose or too tight.

Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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