Jeet The Bengali Superstar – Exclusive Interview

Jeet talks to CalcuttaTube about the comeback of “Jeet-Koel” pair, the most admired onscreen couple of the Bengali Cinema of the contemporary times. Koel and Jeet together have given the Bengali film industry multiple successful entertaining Bangla films.With ‘Saat Paake Bandha’, a family drama, the pair is back again with their enigmatic charm.

Jeet The Bengali Superstar – Exclusive Interview

Jeet talks to CalcuttaTube about the comeback of “Jeet-Koel” pair, the most admired onscreen couple of the Bengali Cinema of the contemporary times. Koel and Jeet together have given the Bengali film industry multiple successful entertaining Bangla films.With ‘Saat Paake Bandha‘, a family drama, the pair is back again with their enigmatic charm and glamor to win the hearts of the Bengali audience once again. Produced by the leading production house, the Venkatesh films, the film depicts a story of love, affection and sacrifice of a newly married couple. Jeet says, “Saat Paake Bandha‘ is a perfect film to watch with your family on the happy occasion of ‘Jamai-Sosthi”’.


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CalcuttaTube: You are working with Koel after a long time. How does it feel?

Jeet: It is not that I intentionally did not work with Koel. It makes me feel bad when I am asked that way. It is better to put it this way – we just did not happen to work in any films for the last few years. It feels great to be working back with her again. She is a wonderful person. And also she is a totally different person and actor; so much changed in these few years. I have known her since her debut film ‘Naater Guru‘ (2003), and she has grown as an amazing and more-matured actress over all this time. Working with her was simply great! We have had some great moments together when working in ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ and have pulled each other’s legs. It was awesome.

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CalcuttaTube: The story of “Saat Paake Bandha” resembles with “Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rahte Hain”. Do you think it can be more challenging for you or you may be constantly compared to Anil Kapoor?

Jeet: There are so many remakes or inspired films made these days everywhere. And, Anil Kapoor is a very favorite actor of mine. If the audience wants to compare me with Anil Kapoor, there is nothing that I am really concerned with. I may not be as good as Anil Kapoor or may not match his performance, but I have tried to give it my best. I will leave it up to the audience. Since, the film is a remake, a comparison factor may come in and I am ready to accept the challenges. However, I am not much worried about the comparison for this particular film, since “Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rahte Hain” was made a long time back. The audience does not have long term memories. And even if they do compare, either they would say that I am better than Anil Kapoor,or  he had done better than me. I am ready to accept that kind of a criticism. What really matters is that the film should touch the audience’s hearts. And if that is achieved, our mission is accomplished.

CalcuttaTube: Who is the target audience of the film ‘Saat Paake Bandha’?

Jeet: I think the producers can better answer this question. All I would say is that it is a family movie that the women would especially enjoy. The film has certain components that are enjoyable for the youngsters. It is a perfect film to be enjoyed on the occasion of ‘Jamai-Shosthi‘. And I pray to God that the film becomes a nice ‘Jamai- Shoshthi’ gift to the audience.

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us a few anecdotes during the making of ‘Saat Paake Bandha’.

Jeet: There were so many important incidents that took place when we were shooting for the film. I have already told the other media about them. Let me share one with you. It was the day before Holi, and we decided to work late that night, since the next day was a holiday. So we shot till almost half past four in the morning and it was not before five we could pack up. It was around two in the morning when we were shooting a sequence where I am sick and Keol is taking care of me. For the lightning effect the crew was asking for ‘bidyut’ which is electricity, and there were some people from Mumbai working with us, who did not understand Bengali. I told them to call a person named Bidyut, and went to fetch him. This thing evoked so much laughter among all of us for some time. And then when we were supposed to give the shot, which was a close one, we could not help laughing. Each time we looked into each other’s eyes for the sequence, we burst into laughing. And this went on for 40 – 45 minutes. And even after that when we gave the final shot, we had to do a little bit ‘cheating’ – we did not look at each other’s eyes directly to avoid laughing.

CalcuttaTube: What kind of  films do you enjoy watching as an audience? Also, do you any particular choice about mainstream or parallel movies?

Jeet: I like to watch any good films. I just watched a film that did not even do good in the box office, but still I liked it.  Also, there is no such categorization as art film or mainstream, it is a discrimination that has somehow been created. There are two kinds of films – good and bad.

CalcuttaTube: What kind of roles do you enjoy portraying as an actor?

Jeet: I have just worked in 30 films. So there are so many more characters that are yet to be done. It is always good not to stick to any particular image. An actor’s image should vary from film to film, though it does not always happen with an actor. We may often get tied to some particular image. As for me, I think the audience likes to see me in sacrificing and emotional roles. They have also liked me as an action hero, too.  It depends on the film. In the film ‘Manik’, I had a comedy role. And who does not like to romance. As long we can do that, we do not get old. Once romance is lost from our lives, we start aging. On the whole, I enjoy doing many varieties of roles.

CalcuttaTube: Who is your all-time favorite actor who inspires you as an actor?

Jeet: There are so many actors from different film industries who inspire me. In Hollywood, it is of course Tom Hanks, and in Bollywood there are Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan,  Hritik Roshan. From the South Indian film industry it is Rajnikant, Surya, Chiranjeevi (I have come across him. He is a wonderful human being, too.), Upendra (Kannada), Mahesh Babu (Telegu).

CalcuttaTube: What is your hobby?

Jeet: I have just opened my own office and I am planning to make my own films and television shows. So whenever I have free time, I am planning to spend more time in my production company. Also,  I like to play snooker and spend time with my friends in my leisure time.

CalcuttaTube: What are future plans? And what movies are you working in?

Jeet: My future plan is to get married and my wife will plan everything for me.

CalcuttaTube: …So when are you going to get married?

Jeet: I do not know yet. But soon, I guess.

CalcuttaTube: Do you have a girl friend? Who are you going to get married?

Jeet: Neither do I have a girl friend, nor any negotiations yet. Do you know any girl that I can get married to?

CalcuttaTube: I really do not know any one. But I will let you know if I come across one. And best of luck for finding you a bride. ..Are you working in any Bollywood films or any other regional films right now?

Jeet: I have acted in a Bhojpuri film, which was a big hit, and an Oriya film that was all right, too. My acting career started from a Telegu film, which did good business too. I have also worked in music videos and television shows, too, when I was in Bombay. Right I am working in Bengali films, and I am also very contended and happy to work here. But if I get some good offers from the Hindi films, I may work in them too, depending on everything and the entire package.

CalcuttaTube: Though you do not believe in the discrimination between mainstream and parallel films, let me still ask you that the films that you have worked in are mostly commercial, isn’t it?

Jeet: I have also worked in films like ‘KrishnoKanter Will‘ and ‘PitriBhumi‘. I really do not pay much attention to this discriminating factor between art films and commercial one. But “KrishnoKanter Will’ is a so-called art film. It depends on the presentation of the film and its audience that marks a film ‘commercial’ or ‘parallel’. When Sanjay Leela Bansali made ‘Devadas’, which is a story based on literature, nobody called it an ‘art-film’. But if Rituparno Ghosh made the film ‘Devdas’, it would have been tagged as an ‘art-film’. Depending on the directors, the films are branded accordingly.

CalcuttaTube: The films you worked in your early acting career scored much better in the box-office compared to some of your recent releases. How do you analyze that? Was it the stories that were not so good, or was it the audience  preference that changed? It is a sensitive issue, I know, and I do not intend to hurt your feelings by any means.

Jeet: Yes, my films released in the last two years did not do well in the box-office. And it is a part of life. One cannot always have a smooth upward journey in one’s entire career. Film-making is a collective job, and I am not solely responsible for a film I have worked in to be a hit or a flop. If a film does well in the box-office I cannot take all the credits for that. The same logic works if a film is not doing good business – I am not the only person to be asked about its commercial success. Film-making requires a collective effort, and there are many factors that lead to the performance of the film. It may be the story, or the release-date of the film, or something else. Release date is one of the very important factors that bring commercial success to a film. These factors can be analyzed, too. Also, it is good to have some ups and downs in one’s life; the graphical looks good, too. It makes me more matured and humble and teaches us new things, too.

CalcuttaTube: Jeet da, when is your birthday?

Jeet: It is November, 30th.

CalcuttaTube: You are a good dancer, too. Where did you learn how to dance?

Jeet: I have never taken dancing or acting classes. I have never learnt fighting, either. I am a vivid observer. I have often watched others dance, act or fight on screen and tried to mimic it. And that is what I still do. I intensely observe my choreographers and try to bring out the exact representations.

CalcuttaTube: Jeet da, please say something for your fans.

Jeet: Since, the release of ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ is round the corner, I would request my fans to watch the film. It is the comeback film of the ‘Jeet-Koel’ pair. I pray to God all the peace and happiness of everyone. Please take care of yourselves, all of you. And lots and lots of love for you all.

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