Jeet Ganguly wins Mirchi Music Award-Exclusive Interview

One and Only music director Jeet Ganguly recently won the Mirchi Music Award. Jeet Ganguly talks to CalcuttaTube reporter Moumita Sarkar with his present works and convey love towards his growing audience all over Bengal and beyond.

February 21 (Calcutta Tube): One and Only music director Jeet Ganguly recently won the Mirchi Music Award. Jeet Ganguly talks to CalcuttaTube reporter Moumita Sarkar with his present works and convey love towards his growing audience all over Bengal and beyond.

Mirchi Award Jeet Ganguly
Mirchi Award Jeet Ganguly

CalcuttaTube: Congratulations for winning the ‘Anandalok’ award and the ’Mirchi Music Award’. How does it feel?

Jeet Ganguly: It definitely feels great! Though an award should not be the only yardstick of measuring one’s success, it still holds true that each award is a recognition of the effort and sincerity that a person puts in his or her work. In that sense each award is very significant for me. Be it popular choice awards like the Anandolok or the  Jury’s Choice like Radio Mirchi Music Award for the Best Upcoming Music Director of 2009 (for the song Bhor Bhayo from Hindi Film ‘Morning Walk’), the fact is that people have liked and loved my works. It boosts my confidence, provides encouragement and strength andgives me inspiration for further improvement.

CalcuttaTube: 2009 was very special year for you as you received so many awards. What do you expect to achieve in 2010?
Jeet Ganguly: I would love this year to be more eventful indeed! And it has already started with success of the Bengali films ‘Bolo Na Tumi Aamar’ and ‘Thana Theke Aashchi’. The songs of these films have been liked by the audience and the people from the industry. I pray to God that I get more opportunities this year to present the music lovers with more and more good work.

CalcuttaTube: You have reigned in the Tollywood for a long period. Do you think the Mirchi Music Award is an indicator for you to reign in the Bollywood?
Jeet Ganguly: My works are more important than the place of work. The sound of applause is the same everywhere. (Smiles).

CalcuttaTube: You have scored music in the movie ‘Morning Walk’ recently. How was that experience?
Jeet Ganguly: Working with a team of like-minded people always gives you an edge. In this case also, the director, producer and entire team have been very supportive. Inox Motion Pictures, under whose banner the film is released, has given me absolute liberty to experiment with the style and flavor of the songs. I was especially thrilled when the veteran Bollywood actor Shree Anupam Kher congratulated me at the film’s premiere saying how much he liked the songs. Also, working with Ustad Rashid Khan for the songs ‘Bhor Bhayo’ and ‘Manwa’ has been a memorable experience!

CalcuttaTube: Are you working in any other Bollywood movies now?
Jeet Ganguly: It is in a  process. I can’t divulge more at this moment.

CalcuttaTube: Who is your favorite music director?
Jeet Ganguly: John Williams in Hollywood, Vishal Bharadwaj in Bollywood and Sudhin Dasgupta in the Bengal.

CalcuttaTube: Which directors would you like to work with?
Jeet Ganguly: There is no preference as such. The director is like the captain of a ship, who has his own thoughts and ideas. As a music director and member of the team, my job is to deliver my best to his satisfaction.

CalcuttaTube: You have many films under the banner of ‘Venkatesh Films’ and ‘Surinder Films’. How is your rapport with them?
Jeet Ganguly: I have been truly blessed to work with them in my earlier days. They have introduced me in the Tollywood.  Shri Jivandas Mohta, Shri Shrikant Mohta, Shri Mahendra Soni of the Shri Venkatesh Films, Shri Surinder Singh and Shri Nispal Singh from the Surinder Films have been and still are my guiding spirits. ‘Sharing rapport’ will be an understatement, I share deep emotional bonds with them and have immense respect for them.

CalcuttaTube: You are known as a very good person in the industry. Is this also a secret behind your successful music carrier?
Jeet Ganguly: (Smiles) I do not know what to say.

CalcuttaTube: You have worked with Dev in many films. What is your experience of working with him?
Jeet Ganguly: Professionally speaking, Dev is one of those rare actors and heroes who give 100 percent to each and every assignment. He is extremely committed and always eager to learn. It is great fun when we get together for music sessions! The moment I strike a chord on my guitar, he shakes his feet with the beats and voila! Even before we realize anything, the songs are composed. On the personal front, Dev is a dear brother to me, extremely lovable and down to the earth!

CalcuttaTube: In an interview Dev said that you are ‘opening batsman’ of a film. What would you like to comment on that?
Jeet Ganguly: (Smiles). It was really nice of him to say that. At the same time, he has also put a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. I hope I am able to live up to the expectations of my team members and my audience.

CalcuttaTube: Tell us about your up coming projects.
Jeet Ganguly: I am currently working on a few Bengali films.

CalcuttaTube: Nowadays you are performing in so many stage shows. How do you manage all these?
Jeet Ganguly: My audience! My audience! My audience! The sole credit goes to them. They are the driving force behind my energy and ability to put in my best. Truly speaking, I have even done two to three shows a day, from Andul to Asansol to Nadia. All my tiredness and fatigue disappear the moment I go up on stage and look at those eyes full of expectations who have come all the way from far off villages and paid for the tickets with their hard earned money. The unconditional love of my listeners is the only source of my inspiration!

CalcuttaTube: Almost every celebrity is taking part in music reality shows these days. Do you have any plans to join a reality show?
Jeet Ganguly: Not as of now. I feel I am still not in a position to judge people; I would rather play a supportive role.

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.
(Smile) If only I knew!!!

INTERVIEW by Moumita Sarkar

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