Jeet Ganguly Talks about Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo and Kella Fote

Mirchi Award Jeet Ganguly
Mirchi Award Jeet Ganguly

January 2, 2011, Kolkata (Calcutta Tube): Jeet Ganguly, the noted music director from Tollywood, talks to CalcuttaTube reporter Moumita Sarkar about latest Bengali films Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo and Kella Fote. Check out the exclusive coverage.

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us about the audience feedback on the music of the film ‘’Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo’’.

Jeet Ganguly: I’m overwhelmed by their feedback. Special thanks for positive feedback of ‘SDH’ title track and sad version. Audiences are my God. So, thanks for your support. I do not bother about any awards, what I care for is your love and support. I believe that you will always by my side.

CalcuttaTube: Please comment on your experimentations in ‘Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo’.

Jeet Ganguly: Actually I did not experiment too much with title track as I wanted the audiences to get to the soul of it.

CalcuttaTube: You said that you have composed ‘SDH’ title track during your school days. Share something on that.

Jeet Ganguly: You are right, I scored this song when I was in class 11 at North Calcutta, Sethi. I remembered it was my first day in class and my mother bought me a bicycle but I was so busy scoring music for ‘Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo’ that I forgot to ride it. My friends thought I couldn’t ride bike and made fun of me. All credits for the song agreement today go to Shrikant da (Shrikant Mohta of Shree Venkatesh Films). I had spoken about the track to him and he assured me that he would try and use it one of their productions.

Calcutta tube: And the song was shot in Switzerland..

Jeet Ganguly: Yes , my school time song has been shot  in Switzerland. Simply unimaginable. The lyrics for the ‘SDH’ title track are by Chandrani (Mrs. Jeet Ganguli). After selecting the sequence of title track Shrikant da said that Chandrani should do the lyrics. Chandrani had heard the track many times before and assured me that she would definitely write this song when time comes. When all sequences were complete Shrikant-da talked to Chandrani and she did justice with this song and its sequence. She has done a great job.

Lyrics play an important role in romantic songs. In the movie, Dev and Shrabanti met in a new city and situation demanded lyrics like ‘’Ochena Sohore’’.

CalcuttaTube:  I have seen there are lots of cine-goers who visit movie halls only to watch your song.

Jeet Ganguly: I am overwhelmed that people really like my music. You know, I have listeners from six to sixty. They always request me to score different kind of music. The love that my audiences give me, I will not get anywhere in the world. Even this thought brings tears to my eyes. It is all the race of God.

CalcuttaTube: ‘’Kellafate’’, the other film your worked in, has been commercially successful. What experiments you did with the music there?

Jeet Ganguly: ‘’Kellafate’’ is a fantastic film, a carefree one. Viewers will not gonna be let down. The film is produced by Pijush Saha while the director is Sujit Guha. I have worked with Sujit da before in films like ‘Mon Mane Na’, ‘Bolo Na Tumi Amar’, etc. He is not only a good director but also a good person. You know, it is producer Pijush Saha who has done the actual ‘kellafate’. He has ventured with newcomers, invested a lot of finance which is very brave. He has contributed a lot in this film. He is deeply attached to his work. On that note, I am back to my music. Pijush Saha has requested to do some dance numbers so that the audiences start dancing in the movie theatres. We have songs like ‘’Halla Bol’’.

CalcuttaTube: Please sing two lines for the friends at CalcuttaTube….

Jeet Ganguly: (Sings a song from ’’kellafate’’)

See, in common households we hear the song “Hare Kirshner Nam”. We have grown up listening to those kind of songs which cannot be replaced in our memories. They are immortal. I did an experimental song ‘’Ami Bono Phool’’. I am still doing experiments on immortal songs. We have seen our mothers, grandmothers singing devotional songs like ’Hare Kirshner Nam’’ in their morning pujas.

CalcuttaTube:  So, dada tell me what is the connection between fish and Mohit Chawan.

Jeet Ganguly: (Smiles) When Mohit first came to me, Bengali was like French to him. After singing the first line, he wanted to have fish. Then I told him after completing recording I will treat you with fish, He recorded this song for nine and half hours. He is very sincere with his work. As we know behind every successful person there is always hard work. He never says no to me and that is a great quality of his. He would sing until he gives his 100%. He is an old friend of mine since his band days ‘Silk Route’’. After long time he is back and now working in Bengali films. After completing the song he asked for Hilsa and I promised him one if the song hits.

CalcuttaTube:  As you’ve earlier said every song is more like a child to you. But still, which are your favorite numbers from ‘’Sedin Dkhe Hoychilo’’ and’’ Kelafate’’ .

Jeet Ganguly: ‘’You are my love, Chand Tarate’’ from’’ Kellafate’’ and ‘Sedin Dekha Hoye Chilo’ title track. My childhood emotion and Chandrani’s lyrics are attached to the ‘’SDH’’ title track , that way it is more important to me.

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